Relax... You're reading on the beach and drinking rum.

A book and a beach transform you into another person. Reading on a beach is as good as life can possibly be. It’s a metaphorical raised-middle-finger to all of the traffic jams, email strings, and alarm clocks that your non-beach alter ego has to endure in the “real world.” Don’t squander this experience. Let the moment reach its full potential with rum on ice and a hauntingly delicious Montecristo Relentless No. 2.

Monte relentless

Montecristo Relentless No. 2

MSRP: $12.50  |  Other Montecristo Cigars

"Hints of cinnamon spice and leather are present throughout this fine cigar. Medium-full body and medium strength; pair it with a rich and full-bodied Rum such as Havana Club Añejo 7 for a sweeter palate that balances the spice of the Montecristo Relentless.

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Cigar & Spirit



Country Nicaragua
Strength Medium
Ring Gauge 50
Size 6"
Leaf Type Rosado
Shape Belicoso
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Nicaraguan
Smoke Time 1.5 hours

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Goes well with havana club anejo 7

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Havana Club Añejo 7 Años was the first Cuban Extra aged rum that showed the world that rum could be enjoyed neat. it's the taste of the Cuban terroir that comes through, from the world famous Cuban tobacco, to the rich and sweet fruits of a Cuban garden to spices and vanilla.

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