So… you’re at a stag and doe drinking good scotch.

You’re attending a stag and doe and giving the happy couple an early wedding present: your presence. Only your charm can unify the bride’s friends with the groom’s friends and create one copacetic tribe. While you work the crowd, rely on your own happy couple: scotch and a Punch Sucker Punch Lights Out cigar. Tonight, you will introduce two people who will fall in love, mate, then ask you to attend their stag and doe, then the cycle will start over.

punch sucker punch king hit

Punch Sucker Punch Lights Out

MSRP: $5.56  |  Other Punch Cigars

"Medium-full flavored with bold notes while featuring a certain subtlety, goes excellent with the creamy and honey flavors from the Glen Morangie. — Lincoln Salazar CEO/Publisher Cigar & Spirits Magazine

Famous Smoke



Cigar & Spirit



Country Honduras
Strength Medium
Ring Gauge 50
Size 5 1/4"
Leaf Type Connecticut Shade
Shape Robusto
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Ecuadorian
Smoke Time 1.5 hours

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Goes well with glen morangie 18 year extremely rare highland single malt scotch

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