You're celebrating a bachelor party with tequila. Classic.

Your friend is about to sign over his decision making to the institution of marriage. Use his bachelor party to make him feel like the boss one last time. Treat the party to Añejo tequila and the rich Nicaraguan flavor of Oliva Serie V Melanio Torpedo cigars. This may be the only part of the night you’re allowed to talk about.

oliva serie v melanio torpedo

Oliva Serie V Melanio Torpedo

MSRP: $16.63  |  Other Oliva Cigars

"Añejo tequila with a Melanio Torpedo? Yes, Please! This pairing showcases the soft sweetness of the tequila while offering enough strength to stand up to the body of flavor that comes from a cigar such as the Oliva Serie V Melanio.

Famous Smoke



Cigar & Spirit



Country Nicaragua
Strength Full
Ring Gauge 52
Size 6 1/2"
Leaf Type Sumatra
Shape Torpedo
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Ecuadorian
Smoke Time 1.5 hours

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Goes well with agave underground anejo

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Añejo tequila is aged for 18 months in Jack Daniels® American Oak barrels. It consists of a very bold and complex flavor and is enriched by the whiskey barrels. This is even smoother than Reposado and appears as a dark amber color.

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