You're doing a shot of good tequila sent to you by the girl across the bar.

Well isn’t this refreshing. As you’re enjoying an Arturo Fuente 858 cigar, the young lady at the end of the bar decides to buck traditional gender roles and send you a shot, instead of the misogynist alternative. This woman is bold. She’s a feminist. Dare I say a leader. And she’s pretty. And she likes tequila. She could be your future wife. Even though you two are clearly about to drink more tequila, try desperately to remember a detail or too. Because your grandkids will ask you about this night someday.

arturo fuente 858

Arturo Fuente 858

MSRP: $7.25  |  Other Arturo Fuente Cigars

"Mellow yet flavorful, the Fuente 858 takes care not to be overbearing, allowing the delicate flavors of the Avion tequila to take center stage. Complex and highly enjoyable."

Famous Smoke



Cigar & Spirit



Country Dominican Republic
Strength Medium
Ring Gauge 47
Size 6"
Leaf Type Cameroon
Shape Corona Gorda
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin African
Smoke Time 1.75 hours

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