So... you've had too much tequila.

It’s reached that point in the evening where it’s time to light a CAO Brazilia Gol and let the tequila do the talking. And right now the tequila wants to say “Shut up — I’ve got something to say. Are you listening? Are you listening!? Shut up. I love you, man… Seriously, shut up — I love you. Yeah, I’ll do another shot, sure. Why not?”

cao brazilia gol

CAO Brazilia Gol

MSRP: $9.09  |  Other CAO Cigars

"A big and full flavored cigar, the CAO Brazilia Gol is a cigar that can overpower nearly any spirit. Rather than fight fire with fire, pair it with a tequila that can stand up to the strength, but also offer and contrasting flavor profile to keep things interesting.

Famous Smoke



Cigar & Spirit



Country Nicaragua
Strength Full
Ring Gauge 56
Size 5"
Leaf Type Arapiraca
Shape Robusto
Wrapper Color Maduro
Wrapper Origin Brazilian
Smoke Time 1.25 hours

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