Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

So... you're at the Auto Show where you just met your dream car

Love at first sight. A meeting of minds. Soulmates connecting across time and space. You and that car are meant to be. Sure, the car costs more than your annual salary but time stopped when you laid eyes on it at the auto show. And as you sip a little Dow’s Tawny Port and savor a Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly, you can imagine how driving that beast will feel…

Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly

MSRP: $6.75  |  other drew estate cigars

"With a name that needs no description, Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly is everything that you think it is. The roasted hickory, and maple wood smoked bacon vibes of this flavor giant are only matched by Dow's Tawny Port that hits vanilla and cherry with a lingering finish that put you in a ecstatic coma of yes." — Stephen Jabaut, Drizly Wine Expert

Famous Smoke



Country Nicaragua
Strength Medium
Ring Gauge 56
Size 5"
Leaf Type San Andres
Shape Robusto
Wrapper Color Maduro
Wrapper Origin Mexican
Smoke Time 1 Hour

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Dow's Tawny Port
Goes well with

Dow's Tawny Port


A great entry level tawny, Dow's has the sweet touches of caramel and toffee that intermingle with blackberry, vanilla, and cherry. It has a full mouthfeel and a lingering sweetness on the tongue that leaves you with a feeling of candied pecan.

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