Leaf By Oscar Toro Corojo

So... you've hit a big deadline and desperately need to unwind

It’s been working lunches and late nights for longer than you care to remember. Even your dreams have been filled with this project. Enough of that because you hit the deadline and have weeks of relaxation to catch up on. Sip on some Ferreira Ruby Port, light up a Leaf by Oscar Toro Corojo, and let your mind blissfully wander…

Leaf By Oscar Toro Corojo

Leaf By Oscar Toro Corojo

MSRP: $9.5  |  other leaf by oscar cigars

"Ferreira Ruby Port and Leaf By Oscar both become better in one another's presence. The youthful, fruity charm of the port really shines next to the subtle aged and earthy smoke from the Leaf by Oscar. Juxtaposition is the word." — Stephen Jabaut, Drizly Wine Expert

Famous Smoke



Country Honduras
Strength Medium
Ring Gauge 50
Size 6"
Leaf Type Corojo
Shape Toro
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Honduras
Smoke Time 1.5 hours

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Ferreira Ruby Port
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Ferreira Ruby Port


This young and fruity Ruby Port shimmers like a red diamond in the glass, and wafts up aromas of ripe red berries and has subtler hints of spice that tastes clean and hits sweet at just the right tone.

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