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CA Report: Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Buying Guide

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Advisors’ Picks: Best Holiday Cigar Gifts

By the Cigar Advisor Editors

Well, THAT was fast…it seems like just a few days ago we were all getting fat on turkey ‘n trimmings; and suddenly, *boom* – it’s Christmas. Which means it’s time once again to break out an edition of our annual Cigar Advisor Holiday Buying Guide. And to help you find the best holiday cigar gifts for the cigar lover on your list, we’ve broken the listing into four categories: Stocking Stuffers, Stash Supplies, Storage and Stogies. But this time there’s a twist, as we’ve combined our usual fare of wallet-friendly holiday picks with a top-shelf pick that will make the holidays more joyful than humanly possible…and trust us when we say, “we’ve spared no expense.” Read on, and you’ll see what we mean.

So whether it’s Secret Santa, a cigar noob or an old pro on your list – if that person enjoys cigar deals as much as you do (and we’re guessing that’s a lot), try these curated picks from the Cigar Advisor Editors and WIN Christmas with the best holiday cigar gifts on the shelf! Don’t forget to check out the amazing Cyber Monday and unbelievable Black Friday deals!


Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Stocking Stuffers FredBest Holiday Cigar Gifts: Our Top Stocking Stuffer Picks

The best holiday cigar gifts aren’t just the smokable kind: these sock-sized gems are perfect for anyone who loves a fine cigar, while still keeping your budget in check. Whether you’re gift shopping for a cigar aficionado or a new smoker, slip one of these favorite cigar stocking stuffers in for Christmas morning. Happy clouds of smoke will follow…guaranteed.

Xikar PuroFine Premium Butane

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts XIKAR PREMIUM BUTANE 3-PACK

Need a refill? Get your family’s designated smoker a 3-count bundle of butane. Xikar’s high quality butane has near zero impurities for a clean burn that won’t gunk up your lighter. A cheaper gift option for the smoker who has everything. This stocking-stuffer also makes a great add-on gift to any lighters you plan on gifting.


Retro Combination Cigar Cutter

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts combo cigar cutter

Two gifts in one, the Firstland International Retro Cutter has both a V-Cut and single guillotine cutter. This is one heck of a gift on a budget that will last your smoker for years to come. Not only is this cutter versatile, it’s also intricately adorned in a stylish nouveau design. This is one stocking-stuffer that’s sure to please the smoker, the eye, and the wallet.


Road Warrior Car Ashtray

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts ROAD WARRIOR car cigar ashtray If your favorite smoker is a bit of a pig when it comes to smoking in the car, gift them the Road Warrior. It’s perfect for holding that stogie steady on the road and makes cleanup super simple while smoking on the go.  This portable ashtray is even versatile enough to use on a desktop or deck, making this feisty little ashtray the perfect travel companion.


Craftsman’s Bench Cigar Case

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Craftsmans Bench Cigar case

Whether you’re shopping for a new cigar smoker or a veteran, you can’t go wrong with a travel case. Perfect for a night on the town or a weekend getaway, this 3-finger case comfortably fits three 54 ring gauge cigars in a sleek leather casing and lined with Spanish cedar to keep your cigars fresh. You can rest assured you’re smoker will love this gift!


best holiday cigar gifts top pick

S.T. Dupont Defi-Extreme Red Lighter

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts S.T. DUPONT Cigar LighterThis is the ultimate lighter for any cigar smoker; heck you don’t even need to smoke cigars to appreciate the beauty of this lighter. While S.T. Dupont makes some of the finest lighters in the word, the Defi-Extreme is a “daily product” that’s meant to last. Its construction is nearly impregnable; it’s resistant to impacts, scratches, friction, and water and even functions in below freezing temps and 100+ degree heat. If you know someone who will truly appreciate this gift, it’s a must buy!



best holiday cigar gifts cigar accessories gary

Best Holiday Cigar Gifts: Stash Supplies – Our Top Cigar Accessory Picks

Show me a cigar smoker with only two cigar accessories, and I’ll show you a golfer with only four clubs. Cigar accessories seem to reproduce like bunnies, mostly because they either come with a cigar box or sampler purchase, are handed-out as freebies during cigar in-store events, or given as gifts. Then, there are those who just like having a big collection of accessories. Whatever the case, the tools that make the best holiday cigar gifts are the ones that favor quality over quantity – and the following five cigar accessories will provide you with plenty of that, plus years of satisfaction to boot.


XiKAR XO Cigar Cutter

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts XiKAR XO Cutter

If you’re looking for something totally unique in design and performance, the XiKAR XO cutter has it all. Engineered with a patent pending planetary gear train that ensures the surgically-sharp blades open and close in perfect sync, the XO cuts cigars up to an 80 ring gauge. And even though the body is thicker than most cigar cutters, it’s impressively lightweight. At its least, the XO makes a great conversation piece; but at its most, it’s one of the best cigar cutters on the market, and it comes with Xikar’s lifetime guarantee.


Vector Drone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Vector Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

Here’s a torch lighter that I can highly recommend because I own it. This Drone model from Vector features a unique, flat-designed, triple jet flame that angles to a point for pinpoint toasting, and the extra-wide beam makes it great for lighting cigars of any size ring gauge. The light-weight, see-through base also holds a lot more fuel than most lighters, which means fewer refills. Even the price is nice, and it comes with Vector’s lifetime warrantee.


Arturo Fuente “Journey Through Time” Ashtray

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Arturo Fuente cigars Ashtray

Mention Arturo Fuente cigars to practically any cigar smoker and their eyes will widen with delightful recognition. That alone makes this big ceramic cigar ashtray worth owning. It features the Arturo Fuente logo around the base, plus the images of Arturo, Carlos, and Carlito Fuente with the brand’s sexy mascot in the center, the company motto on the top, and four gold-leafed saddles for the cigars. It looks like an ashtray you’d want to steal from a fancy cigar lounge, but perish the thought, since it’s really quite affordable.


XiKAR Envoy Triple Case High Performance

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts XiKAR Envoy Cigar Case

This crush-proof, Envoy High Performance Triple case from XiKAR boasts a performance car theme with great looks and lots of needle-pinning features. It can hold three 60-ring cigars up to 7″ long, and has a top-grain, padded Armada leather exterior, fragrant Spanish cedar interior, a metal engine cooling fin-style cap for extra strength, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Whether you drive a Beemer or a Bronco, it’s the perfect travel companion for your on or off-road cigar adventures, and a wise investment, too.


best holiday cigar gifts top pick

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Model 780

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Rabbit Air Purifier cigarThere are plenty of air purifiers out there that allege to do the job of clearing smoke and odors from your man cave or other indoor smoking space, but the powerful Rabbit Air 780 is in a class all its own. Mounted on a wall, or standing on a counter, its specially-designed filter eliminates odors in up to 815 square-feet of space in virtual silence. A remote control is included, and the Cherry Blossom version shown here is just one of several available motifs that go with practically any décor.



best holiday cigar gifts best humidors John Pullo

Best Holiday Cigar Gifts: Storage – Our Top Humidor Picks

One of the best holiday cigar gifts – especially for someone who’s getting serious about their smokes – is a new humidor. A humidor is a sizeable gift, but as you’ll see in my picks – doesn’t need to command a sky-high price tag. No matter what your budget, quality in your humidor’s build is essential if your cigars are going to call it home. I’m focusing exclusively on desktop humidors, since we’ve already covered traveldors and small-scale storage in the tchotchkes and stocking stuffers section; and all of my top humidor picks are lined in aged Spanish cedar, the humi-builder’s go-to to maintain that fresh, aging room aroma. We’ll start small, and go up from there…


Newport White Oak Glass Top Humidor

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Quality Importers Newport Oak Glass Top Humidor

What new cigar smoker isn’t proud of his or her stash? While we all appreciate the ability to peek in on our puros without having to open the humidor, I think new cigar smokers, especially, will enjoy a glass top humidor. For short humi money, I’m recommending the Newport Oak humidor because it’s elegant yet understated, and SureSeal technology does the job well. They’ll like it because it keeps their cigars fresh; you’ll like it because it’s exceedingly affordable. White oak finish blends with any décor, and solid hardware means this humidor will last. Holds 25-50 cigars (depending on their size), and all the humidification goods are included…be sure to tip them off to our glass top humidor care videos for the complete new humidor experience.


San Tropez Humidor

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Quality Importers San Tropez Humidor

Ahoy, mateys – I see stogies off the starboard bow…If your target has an appreciation for a more nautical look, this San Tropez humidor is one of the best holiday cigar gifts of the seafaring sort out there. More America’s Cup sailboatish than a Davy Jones’ Locker-piratey vibe, the San Tropez sports a linen-and-leather finish atop cherry wood (and top-notch hardware) that’ll keep those precious cigars above the bilge and safely humidified. Up to 120 cigars have a home (again, depending on the size or sizes being stored), and includes both hygrometer and humidifier – making the San Tropez from Quality Importers an above board investment for sure.


Don Salvatore Ashwood Collection Humidor

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Don Salvatore Ashwood humidor

Now here, we go full pirate’s chest: the Don Salvatore Ashwood desktop cigar humidor features a high gloss, greyed wood finish that’s been trimmed with silver studs. Sleek and sturdy, without a doubt – but why I especially like this humidor: it’s outfitted with a digital hygrometer that’s visible for high-accuracy RH monitoring without ever lifting the lid…and that kind of peace of mind is one of the best cigar gifts money can buy. Lock and key security and solid handles make for keeping the stash extra safe. Storage aplenty, too – depending on what size cigar your mark smokes, he or she will fit 75-120 cigars inside without a hassle.


The Rocky Patel Cajonador

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Rocky Patel Drum Humidor Cajonador

It’s a humidor. It’s a drum. And as a drummer, this one hits me in all the right places. Cajon (kuh-HONE) is Spanish for “box” or “crate” – and that about sums it up, a box that’s played as a drum. A mainstay of Latin American music, different tones and pitches are produced by tapping or slapping different parts of the cajon’s face with your hand, while seated on top…and for his Cajonador, Rocky went with Pearl Drums, one of the best, to make this cigar beatbox. Cigar storage for 100-ish sticks is under the seat; all the humidification goodies are already on board. Hands down (no pun intended), one of the best holiday cigar gifts for the musician in your life who loves a good jam AND a good smoke.


best holiday cigar gifts top pick




best holiday cigar gifts best cigars tommy zman

Best Holiday Cigar Gifts: Stogies – Our Top Premium Cigar Picks

While I think cigars are the ultimate holiday gift, I believe that most guys do what I do – we buy them for ourselves. And why not, I mean, who knows what I love better than I do? So, I’ve been tasked with coming up with the cigar part of this holiday guide and I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store while perusing the website. So, without further ado…


Oliva Serie V Double Robusto 5-Pack

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Oliva Serie V Cigars

While a 5-pack is a great gift for anybody, a fiver of one of the best cigars made – at just $35.99 no less – makes you one thoughtful SOB. At a perfect size of 5 x 54, this Nicaraguan cigar has so much deep, complex flavor while giving off a velvety creaminess, you’ll get notes of espresso and spice and everything nice. And while it’s full-bodied, it is by no means a strong cigar, making it the perfect choice for those who like anything from medium bodied to full. Indulge.


Perdomo Mini Sun Grown Cigarillos (10 ct. Tins)

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Perdomo Cigarillos

I’m a fan of cigarillos because they are 10 – 15 minutes of solid tobacco happiness, especially when driving, grilling, or when you just don’t have the time to enjoy a full-sized smoke. These here are especially tasty because they’re made from that amazing Perdomo sun grown leaf, which is naturally sweet and delicious. And having the tins around is just so handy – keep one in the glove box, one in the garage, or in your tool or tackle box. And hey, they make for some seriously good stocking stuffers!


Best of Full Bodied Sampler No. 23 – 10 Robusto Cigars

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts cigar samplers

For those of you who love those full-flavored sticks with perfect construction, I give you five outstanding brands (two of each) for a tad over five bucks a pop. I mean, look at the brand names and they are just screaming cigar making excellence. Steve Saka’s Mi Querida is a bomb-load of taste and AJ’s Shadow King is rich and decadent. This 10-pack (like our 650+ other cigar samplers up for grabs) is truly an insane value for the price and I have now convinced myself to add it to my own Christmas list. Damn, I am such a giving person.


Famous Nicaraguan 6000 Toro (20 ct. Bundle)

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Famous Nicaraguan 6000 cigars

Now, some of you may look down upon bundled cigars, but that would tell me that you’ve never had the pleasure of smoking any of the Famous Nicaraguan lines. I’ve said it so many times that these cigars are so tasty, and so well-made that if they came in a box they’d be more than double the price. Go ahead and look at the customer ratings on the Famous site and then order these Nicaraguan & Honduran filled treats. The silky chocolate-brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper brings it all together and you have now become a true bundle convert.


best holiday cigar gifts top pick

Davidoff Aniversario Double R

2017 Best Holiday Cigar Gifts Davidoff Double R cigars

The following is to be read in Robin Leach’s voice of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous… And here we have a hand-rolled cigar that is so special and so luxurious that magistrates and kings hand them out to their most special guests. Rich, smooth, and creamy Dominican leaves of the highest grade are rolled underneath an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper that is like woven tobacco silk. It’s medium bodied, sinfully tasty and it will make you the envy of your peers. One reviewer on the Famous site refers to the Double R as a “taste orgasm”, guaranteeing that your ending will be a most happy one. Yum, I say… yum.


So there it is: no fewer than 20 of the best holiday cigar gifts from across the spectrum, perfect for the smoker on your gift list. Or if you see something you like for yourself, drop your Secret Santa a couple hints and send him or her our way. After all, it’s the thought that counts – and no matter what your budget, we think these picks will make it a can’t-miss cigar holiday season.

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2 years ago

Good list … Id like to add to the CAO family of can’t-go-wrong cigars. My personal favorite from CAO is their SOL , it has a bright green band , very unmistakable. One of the few store bought sticks that made me go “Oooooh !!”

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