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2019 CA Report: Father’s Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad

CA’s Father’s Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under $100

What’s the best way to say, “Thanks”?

Being part of the collective cigar smoking culture, you know it’s the gift of cigars that’s tops for showing your appreciation – perfect timing, because Father’s Day is (probably) the most cigar-friendly of holidays. Part of this is because making cigars is a family affair: many a cigar maker has grown up in the “tobacco life,” learning their growing, rolling or blending skills from their fathers.

Now, if you’re like us, you probably owe your Dad quite a bit in exchange for the wisdom and experience he’s passed to you over the years: how to drive stick, how to shine your shoes, how to swing a hammer. How to pour a beer. How to grill stuff. Fix stuff. Grow stuff.  Maybe he even showed you how to play poker. And if he passed down his love of cigars, your debt runs deep.

fathers day cigar gift ideas under 100 dollars shaving and cigars
You learned how to shave and how to smoke cigars from the pro. It’s time he got his just reward.

With the payback factor that huge, buying a Father’s Day gift can be tough – especially if you’re on a budget. You can’t just wipe the slate clean, as an epic offering (like a ticket for a joyride in a tank) does not come cheap. And going the budget route – with a gift membership in a Salami of the Month Club, perhaps – just lacks a little…flair.

We’ve attacked this Father’s Day cigar gift thing from a couple of different angles in the past…cigars and accessories under $50, and cigar gifts for the no-limit budget. We’ve also looked at Father’s Day gifts for cigar smokers across the spectrum – as in, whether your dad only smokes the occasional cigar, or he’s a full-blown stogie-hound (you can see some of the results here, here and here).

This Father’s Day, let’s indulge Dad’s favorite pastime: cigars.

But for this Cigar Gift Guide, we’re giving you the power to play the field: the Advisors have curated a variety of thoughtful Father’s Day gift picks in 4 price ranges, and none of them exceeds $100. If you’re paying back Dad’s life lessons a little bit at a time, or he’s the guy that already has everything, we start with cigar gifts under $25. If you’re looking to give Dad a smoky thrill, jump to our gifts at $25-$50 or $50-$75; and if you really want to leave your father feeling like a king for a day, see what we’ve picked that maxes out your $100 budget.

In all, 17 top-notch cigar gifts that your Dad surely deserves, and won’t leave your wallet feeling blindsided. Let’s get him something nice…

[Ed. Note: Prices are current as of date of publication, May 30 2019. Supply and prices may vary.]

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 25 dollars

Father’s Day Gifts Under $25…

Sure, it’d be easy to just buy Dad a box of his favorite smokes and call it a day. But what if he only occasionally partakes in cigars, and doesn’t have a go-to smoke? Couple that with the fact that all these different cigar gift options can quickly run up your tab – in all, choosing a cigar gift for Father’s Day can be a bit of a challenge. So my job today is to prove that you can get a lot of gift for short money: at under $25 each, your Dad will go bonkers for these five cigar smoking essentials…


XIKAR X8 Double Guillotine – $22.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 25 Xikar X8 double guillotine cigar cutter at Famous Smoke ShopAdmit it: Dad would be mad if he found out you threw your hard-earned coin out the window on something gaudy. So don’t waste money on flash – gift him a XIKAR double guillotine cigar cutter that does its job brilliantly. This workhorse cigar tool is the perfect upgrade, if your Dad is still rocking that dollar job he got at the smoke shop counter last summer. And if he’s already set with a cutter, it wouldn’t hurt for him to have a quality backup. Cuts up to 70 RG cigars in a snap, as XIKAR takes pride in using high-quality stainless steel blades to ensure a smooth and clean cut every time. At under 25 bucks, he’ll be proud that you listened to his lessons on thriftiness.


XIKAR Livin’ the Dream Ashtray – $22.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 25 Xikar Living the dream 3 cigar ashtray at Famous Smoke ShopIf Dad is a regular at-home herfer, he’ll appreciate this great 4 finger ashtray – not just because it’s got room for a night’s worth of cigars, and not just because it’s the same shape as XIKAR’s famous Xi teardrop cutter. He’ll love this ashtray because it’s emblazoned with what is probably the Daddest phrase in the English language: livin’ the dream. (All Dads will say this, eventually.) Ceramic, so it’s perfect to catch the ashes as you burn a few with Dad as he hits you with his most eyerollingly-bad Dad jokes.


Re-Fresh Zero Smoke Odor Eliminator – $4.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 25 ReFresh Cigar Odor Eliminator spray at Famous Smoke ShopYou know what Dad wants more than anything? Peace and quiet. This also includes a reprieve from your mother’s usual earful about how “his cigars are stinking up the joint.” Keep the cigar smell – and the bad attitudes – at bay with our secret weapon, Re-Fresh. Available in 9 delightfully scented options, as well as the Zero (a no-scent spray, pictured here), the natural citrus oils are adept at knocking down the leftover funk from smoking, cooking, trash, pets and just about every other smell-maker in the house. I use it. I know.


XIKAR 5 Count Travel Humidor – $22.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 25 Xikar 5 cigar travel humidor at Famous Smoke ShopIt may look like a plain plastic travel humidor – but this gift is a flash of your practical side, proving you’ve grown up and you have learned how to take care of your things. This 5-cigar humi performed quite well when we tossed it off the roof in our stress test, so picking this one is a show of your tool-buying prowess, too. I like this red one in particular, because it stands out – but feel free to choose from 6 other color and design options, if Dad’s travel humi tastes are a little more…understated.


Famous Bomb Diggity Tailgating Sampler – $22.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 25 Bomb diggity 5 cigar sampler at Famous Smoke ShopHelp your father speak the language of the good cigar…along with a lesson in hipster lingo. Even though the name is head-scratchingly dumb (the guy who named it doesn’t work here anymore, so I can say that without the risk of hurt feelings), it actually looks like you splurged…but Dad will probably just be glad there’s a Cohiba tucked in there with 4 other tasty, top-rated smokes. A word of warning: even though we have over 700 sampler options available right now at Famous, not all of them will arrive in one of those fancy presentation boxes like the other guys have picked below – this is one of those cases. So double down on your spend and grab that travel humidor up above, and present your old man with a nice all-in-one combo.


Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 50 dollars

Father’s Day Gifts Under $50…

Giving a stogie loving dad cigar related goodies for Father’s Day is like handing him a box of gold bars. The giddy look upon his smiling puss is a site to behold, and let’s face it, it’s a whole lot better than that faux silk tie with the large mouthed bass on it. My gift suggestions below fall in the $25 – $50 range and I chose them based on what I personally would love to receive. Hey, you know what?… I just might buy these gems for myself.


Colibri Empire Single Flame Torch Cigar Lighter – $26.95

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 50 Colibri Empire Green Single Jet Flame Torch Cigar Lighter at Famous Smoke Shop

Now this is a sweet little lighter that won’t break the bank, but Dad will think you dropped some big coin on him. This single-flame, push button torch lighter is beautifully designed, done up in highly polished chrome and a lacquered finish, with an easy-feel grip on each side making it super comfortable to hold. The top pops open with a simple push, emitting a good sized flame that can light just about any sized ring gauge. There’s also a handy fuel gauge window in the front so you’ll always know when it’s time to refill. It’s available in a couple colors but I love the classy looking Augusta green. Closeout priced – meaning once they’re gone, they’re gone – so getting in now makes this is a heck of a value for the money, and it’ll make a great impression on anyone.


Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story 5-Pack – $27.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 50 Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigars at Famous Smoke ShopGiving this elegant smoke as a gift will put a smile on a man’s face for sure. At 4 inches long and a 48 ring gauge, the Short Story may be small but it packs a hell of a lot of rich tobacco flavor. With Dominican grown filler leaf inside, and a golden-brown African Cameroon outer wrapper, these perfecto-shaped beauties are nestled in cedar-lined aging rooms for up to six months to enhance their rich flavor profile. Well balanced, complex and toasty, it displays notes of sweet cedar, nuts, and a nice hit of spice. This Fuente is not only highly rated by the cigar magazines, but the Famous Smoke Shop customer ratings are equally impressive. A great smoke and a terrific gift.


Table Top Dual V-Cutter – $35.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 50 Tabletop Dual V-cutter cigar cutter at Famous Smoke Shop

If you want to give that cigar guy a truly unique gift on Father’s Day, this table top cutter will impress dad and his cigar smoking buddies alike. Great for any desk, table or counter, it’s an incredibly classy, convenient, and efficient way to cut cigars. It’s solidly built in polished stainless steel with a sturdy, heavy base. Just place the head of your hand rolled premium in one of the two different sized cats-eye holes, then pull down on the lever to deliver the perfect v-cut every time. Again, we have an affordable, very well-made item that will make the recipient think you went out of your way to pick a unique and thoughtful gift that set you back a few shekels. 


XIKAR Cigar Locker – $48.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 50 Xikar cigar locker travel humidor at Famous Smoke Shop

For the guy who travels with his prized stogies from place to place, the XIKAR Cigar Locker is the thoughtful and perfect gift. With XIKAR quality, you can assure the safety of your cigars with its rugged outer ABS plastic construction and egg crate foam within. It’ll hold up to ten toro sized sticks, and there’s an additional storage space to house a cutter, lighter, and even a set of keys. The sturdy lid gives you an air-tight seal, so just throw in a Boveda pack and it’ll keep your cigars nice and fresh.  Any cigar smoking father will love to receive this handy box to store his tobacco happiness! Dimensions: 10.8 in wide x 3.1 in high x 5.9 in deep. 


Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 75 dollars

Father’s Day Gifts Under $75…

Ah, it’s Father’s Day again. The one day a year that your pops can sit down and put his feet up to relax, unless it’s my Dad, of course. He does that every day. . . Still, you’ll honor yours with a gift because, remember. . . He wiped your dirty derrière, and he did it for free. If he’s the type who enjoys a great cigar, check out these gift ideas that fall within the $50 to $75 range.


XIKAR Sport Gift Pack #2 – $55.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 75 Xikar sport gift pack 2 at Famous Smoke Shop

If your Dad is constantly on the move, the Xikar Sport Gift Pack #2 just might be the perfect gift. It comes with a five-cigar travel case, jet-torch lighter, an Xi2 cutter, and a mobile cup-holder ashtray. And with the time-tested Xikar name, you can trust that the quality is of the highest caliber. That way, good ol’ Dad can focus on getting there without worrying whether his cigars survived the trip. Plus, he’ll have everything he needs to light up and enjoy once he arrives!


Oliva Gift Set – $58.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 75 Oliva Cigar gift set at Famous Smoke Shop

If you’ve got a picky Papa, you might want to have the Oliva Gift Set on your radar. Oliva is well-known for having some of the tastiest blends out there, and seven of their top picks like Master Blends 3, Serie G, Oliva Connecticut, and more are in the mix. When you consider that there’s an included Cyclone lighter and Big Boy cutter combo from Vertigo – one of the most dependable accessory companies around – there’s a lot to make Dad smile. And hey, if he doesn’t like Oliva, you can get him the Cyclone & Big Boy set as a standalone for just $12.99.


CAO Champions Collection – $64.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 75 CAO Champions Cigar Gift Set at Famous Smoke Shop

In many ways, our fathers were the champions of our childhood. They took us fishing, hunting, and camping, and taught us to leave the thermostat alone under penalty of certain death. That’s why the CAO Champions sampler rings true as a great Father’s Day gift option both in its name as well as the fantastic cigars that he’ll find inside. With its offering of 10 delectable (“delectable,” as in “rated 90 or higher by Cigar Insider”) CAO cigars, including CAO Brazilia, CAO MX2, CAO Gold, and many more, your cigar-slingin’ dad will be sinking into his chair to enjoy some fine cigars, with a new favorite child on his mind.


Alec Bradley It’s A Boy/It’s a Girl Cigars – $65.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Under 75 Alec Bradley new baby cigars its a boy cigars its a girl cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

It seems like every year on Father’s Day, the newest dads seem to draw the short straw – ending up all but forgotten. I aim to change that by offering these It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl box sets from Alec Bradley. One of the oldest cigar traditions, this gesture dates back to when Indigenous Americans would offer a more primitive-looking cigar for special occasions, including the birth of a child. Alec Bradley is a major player in the cigar market, and the mellow blend they’ve crafted here is ideal for Dad to hand out in celebration of his proudest milestone. Bonus: that’s a picture frame on the box lid, making the empty box a fantastic keepsake holder.


Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 dollars

Father’s Day Gifts Under $100…

Being an avid cigar smoker, odds are your Dad’s got an appreciation for the good things in life. After all, he appreciates you. And Father’s Day is one of those times when you get to thank him for being the guy who kept you from going off the rails while you were growing-up – at least the few times when he found out you were about to do something stupid. So, to show your appreciation for being a good friend and mentor, here are a handful of excellent gift ideas priced from $75 to $100.

Best of CLE Cigars Sampler – $82.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Best of CLE cigars sampler at Famous Smoke Shop

Here’s a gift that’s worth its weight in what is arguably the world’s best and most flavorful Corojo tobacco. Handsomely presented in a box of 10 Robusto cigars, the Best of CLE Cigars Sampler highlight’s five of Christian Luis Eiroa’s finest creations in pairs, for a savory, uber-satisfying banquet. Eiroa was born in Danli, Honduras and learned the tobacco trade from his father, Julio, who grew authentic Cuban-seed Corojo tobacco on the family’s famed Jamastran farm.  Christian is still growing that awesome Corojo leaf today, and it’s become the centerpiece of his highly-rated cigars. This collection includes the original, rich-tasting CLE Corojo selection, the slightly lighter, yet complex CLE Connecticut, the refined 40-year anniversary CLE Cuarenta, and the extra-dark, CLE Azabache with its stunning Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper.

Order now, and turn Dad on to some of the best boutique cigars he’ll ever hold and taste.


Lotus Apollo Cigar Lighter – $84.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Lotus Apollo Cigar Torch Lighter at Famous Smoke Shop

Sure, there are plenty of cigar lighters out there to choose from, and most of them eventually get lost or “accidentally” stolen. So why spend almost $85 on a cigar lighter? Because it’s for your DAD! Besides, this Lotus Apollo model is simply outstanding in every way and looks like it costs twice the price. Available in other colors, the red Apollo shown here is a real standout for its beautiful lacquer and chrome finish with a hexagon pattern ignition button, and fuel level window. Powerful, twin windproof jets, form a pinpoint shaped flame for perfectly toasting and lighting cigars of any size. Forgot your cutter? The Apollo comes with a built-in punch. Even if Dad uses a different kind of cutter, a punch is great in a pinch.

Presented in its own gift box, order now. Because it’s from you, this is one cigar lighter your father will cherish, and keep close at-hand.


Xikar XO Cigar Cutter – $84.99

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Xikar XO double guillotine cigar cutter at Famous Smoke Shop

Here’s a Father’s Day gift I can recommend with complete confidence because I use it myselfeveryday. The Xikar XO cigar cutter is more than just a super-sharp cutter that cuts cigars up to an 80 ring-gauge – it’s a feat of engineering! It’s unique circular design and durable aluminum body houses a planetary gear system that ensures the hard, steel blades open and close with precision, for a clean, perfectly-guided cut every time. Opening with the familiar Xikar CLACK!, the wide opening allows you to position the cutter exactly where you want to clip your cigar, and the rubber rumble strip gives you a better grip.

More than just a marvel of a cutter, the Xikar XO makes a neat conversation piece that your Dad can say to his cigar-smoking chums, “Look what I got for Father’s Day.” Order now, and don’t forget to tell Pop that it’s also guaranteed for life


Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro 5 Pack Gift Set – $93.80

Father's Day Cigar Gift Ideas for Dad Under 100 Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro cigar gift pack at Famous Smoke Shop

Cigar smokers may disagree with each other on what they taste in their cigars, but there’s one thing they all seem to agree on . . . the unique flavor and character of Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars. Box-pressed to perfection and presented with five cigars, the Maduro gift box shown here is beyond outstanding, and something that will blow your Dad’s cigar-smoking mind. If he’s already a Padron disciple, even better! The dark, leathery wrappers house an all-Nicaraguan blend of Padron’s most prized tobaccos for a rich, complex, smoke that’s unlike any other cigar on earth. Even better, Dad gets to smoke these Padron 64’s in their most savory sizes, including the 8¼” x 50 “A” format for a long, luxurious smoke to while-away with on Father’s Day while you mow the lawn and trim the hedges.

Also available in natural wrappers, order this set now at our very reasonable price, for this is one gift that’s truly priceless.


Happy gift hunting – and Happy Father’s Day, from all of us at Cigar Advisor!

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