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Top 10 Best New Cigars of 2022

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Cigar of the Year season is upon us. As much as we don’t like playing favorites, we do enjoy the challenge of sanding a year’s worth of new cigars down into a top 10 list. We call it a challenge because it usually involves a cage match, a few black eyes, and damaged egos all around.


How We Picked Our 10 Best Cigars of 2022

Jokes aside, the four of us are clearly passionate about cigars and we don’t always agree. The final list must be unanimously agreed upon. And like a jury deliberating, we’re locked in our (Zoom) meeting room until we deliver!

A few expletives, insults, and many much-needed cigars later, we carved out the list you’ll see below.


What You Won’t Find in our Cigars of the Year List

  • We don’t allow advertising, never have, and therefore aren’t beholden to “play nice.” The results you see are based solely on our opinions, not how much they spent in ad revenue.
  • There is no number one spot. Getting on the list is an honor enough and to our taste buds, every smoke you see earned its top honor. That’s why we arrange it alphabetically.
  • No Cuban cigars are on the list. They’re hard to find and even harder to afford. Leave them someone else’s list.


CAO Pilon Anejo

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - cao pilon anejo at famous smoke shopYou can taste the age. CAO did the hard part for us by placing Pilon Anejo cigars in an aging room for a 2-year hibernation right after they were rolled in order to showcase the depth and character of properly matured cigars. The whirlwind of flavors begins at first light with tobacco sweetness, oak, leather, earthiness, and cranberries all taking their turns while the body starts off medium and builds towards medium plus. Taste the difference a little time makes with CAO Pilon Anejo.


Chogui Dos 77

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - chogui dos77 at famous smoke shopThe original Chogui from 2014 was basically a ghost cigar—you heard rumors and whispers and never saw one, let alone tried one. That’s changed this year thanks to Warped Cigars empresario Kyle Gellis who is distributing the new Chogui Dos 77 with a fresh re-blend while injecting new energy into the boutique brand. With an array of flavors including leather, natural tobacco sweetness, black pepper, cedar, and citrusy spice—try Chogui Dos 77 for a complex and satisfying any-time cigar.   


Drew Estate 20 Acre Farm

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - drew estate 20 acre farm at famous smoke shopKnown for pushing the cigar blending envelope, Drew Estate is at it again with 20 Acre Farm. Featuring feisty Florida Sun Grown tobaccos blended with Nicaraguan long fillers sitting under a Honduran binder, and silky-smooth Ecuador Connecticut wrapper—20 Acre Farm welcomes you to a medium-bodied feast of cedar, earth, black pepper, and graham cracker. Pick up Drew Estate’s 20 Acre Farm to sample a creative and enjoyable Connecticut wrapped cigar.


Espinosa & Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - espinosa & guy fieri knuckle sandwich at famous smoke shopThe Mayor of Flavortown delivers a flavor bomb. For pure enjoyment from first light to last draw—Knuckle Sandwich from Erik Espinosa and Guy Fieri packs a perfect punch. With a host of palate pleasing flavors including cream, black pepper, nutmeg, hazelnut, and leather, Knuckle Sandwich only seems to get better as it goes along. Full-bodied—without being knee-buckling—and with waves of balanced and layered flavors, Knuckle Sandwich delivers a lasting gourmet experience.  


H. Upmann AJ Fernandez Heritage

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - h. upmann nicaragua aj fernandez at famous smoke shopA best-of-the-year nomination regardless of the year. The AJ Fernandez Heritage is the third collaboration between AJ and Rafael Nodal for H. Upmann cigars and stands tall among this year’s finest blends. With an opening mix of cinnamon and savory notes, the medium-bodied profile progresses to include a natural sweetness, salty cashews, and leather with a clean finish. Complex, balanced, rich, tasty—it’s time to add H. Upmann AJ Fernandez Heritage to your list.


Los Statos Toro

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - los statos at famous smoke shopMatt Booth’s fingerprints are all over this latest blend revival of the once popular pre-revolution Cuban, and he knocked it out of the park. A prime Ecuador Sumatra wrapper caps a rich-tasting, medium-bodied blend of perfectly aged Nicaraguan binder over a blend of proprietary Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers. Well-balanced notes of cocoa, coffee, baking spices and more combine for a stellar, must-smoke experience.


Macanudo Inspirado Jamao Toro

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - macanudo inspirado jamao at famous smoke shopPronounced hah-mow, as in wow!, Macanudo Inspirado is named for its new proprietary sun grown wrapper. It’s an Habano seed varietal originally grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras, patiently rebred to perfection in the rich soil of Mao, Dominican Republic. It’s the star of this Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican leaf blend and you can taste it. The result is a rich, creamy, medium-bodied, and curiously complex smoke with an herbal, woody, and delicately spicy character.


Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary Figurado

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - oliva serie v 135th anniversary at famous smoke shopShaped sort of like a baseball bat, this stunning Serie V Perfecto was created in honor of the company’s 135-year history. The original blend remains the same—a pristine Nicaraguan Habano wrapper over a core of fully-aged Jalapa Ligero tobaccos. Beautifully handcrafted, smooth, and full-bodied, the perfectly balanced smoke issues notes of earth, leather, dark chocolate, espresso, some peppery spices, and more. This is a true major league smoke at a reasonable minor league price.


Plasencia Cosecha 149 Azacualpa

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - plasencia cosecha 149 at famous smoke shopCosecha is Spanish for “harvest,” which means this flavor-jammed cigar is made with tobaccos from Plasencia’s 149th harvest in 2014. And as Ol’ Blue Eyes once sang, “it was a very good year.” This 6” x 52 baby’s got it all—a San Agustin Olancho Criollo wrapper, Jamastran Corojo binder, and Talanga, Olancho Criollo, and Jamastran Corojo fillers. Medium-plus in body, it bubbles with well-balanced flavors of brown sugar, nutmeg, hazelnut, coffee bean, and more for a non-stop pleasure cruise.


Rojas Unfinished Business Corona Gorda

cigar advisor top 10 best new cigars of 2022 - rojas unfinished business at famous smoke shopOne of the biggest surprises of the year, the Unfinished Business selection from Noel Rojas. Medium in body and smooth as glass, this three-nation blend pulls out all the stops starting with an attractive Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. A Nicaraguan binder and a Nicaraguan-Mexican filler core work their magic below. Called “mysterious and seductive,” this Corona Gorda kicks-off with a hearty shot of peppery spice, then settles into a creamy pastiche of citrus, cedar, nougat, leather, nutmeg, and more.



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Orlando C. Fernandez
3 months ago

Respectable list… I believe the Foundation, Olmec, Maduro deserves to be on the list. But onions are freely a bailable.

Orlando C. Fernandez
3 months ago

My spelling sucks…. And so does auto-correct. Last sentence should read “opinions are freely available”.

2 months ago

Lmao!!! Onions are available!!!

I would add AJ Fernandez New World Dorado

3 months ago

I like it. Good list.

3 months ago

My frequent lament is that you tempt us with your selections but fail to deliver practicality. If you can’t put them together in a sampler pack (ideal) at least make them available in singles. Impractical to be offering them in boxes when we only want to try them.

3 months ago
Reply to  Dennis

You make a whole lot of sense!

John Koots
2 months ago
Reply to  Glen

Totally agree!

James Giorgio
3 months ago

How about selling these as a 10 pack sampler?

Doug Peebles
3 months ago

I agree. I would definitely buy these as singles if they were available, just to try them.

Al Penne
3 months ago

I like the list, its better than the Top 10 at Cigar Aficionado. We all have our own favorites for 2022 and mine is The Stillwell Star series and Rocky’s Disciple.

Ron Pane
3 months ago

H. Upmann AJ Fernandez Heritage is a great cigar, the rest you can keep them!

Al Penne
3 months ago

Did you guys smoke any of the Stiilwell line by Dunbarton? Thats my #1 in 2022

3 months ago

Yes, the Olmec is this year’s hit, and the Allegiance debuted a little late it came in second for me. Oliva made for Ernie this is a nice follow up to Pledge. AB double broadleaf seemed to be a flash in the pan with Rocky’s 60 taking high marks elsewhere. All in all, it was a good year for manufacturers and smokers alike as this simple freedom is still with us.

Scott McClelland
2 months ago

Strong list. Appreciate the choice of alphabetical order.
Loved seeing the CAO Pilon getting some well deserved praise. The Flathead and Brazilia are great sticks, but enough already, CAO has an incredibly deep bench, gang. Hell, I burned through a five pack of CAO Extremes in a week.
You turned my head with a couple of cigars I’m not familiar with–they are on my hit list.
Can’t leave any good list alone without my La Aroma de Cuba. I know they’re old school, but I live to smoke ’em.
Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for us.

Seth Zielasko
2 months ago

Good list. I like the 10 pack idea w/ these 10 cigar’s.

Al Penne
2 months ago

Steve Saka’s Stillwell Star series is my #1 for 2022, hands down! Rocky’s Disciple is my #2.

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