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A Real Woman in A Man’s World-Female Cigar Smokers

This is what I tell the fellas…..I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it! I love to sip dirty martinis, smoke full bodied cigars and play from the men’s tees on the course. I’m one of may female cigar smokers who enjoys having a smoke with the boys. Many of my buddies think of me as just one of the guys, but if you check under the hood, I’m all girl.

I have a natural rack that is so huge I need to wear two sports bras when I workout so I don’t get two black eyes! And I love to paint with my girls. You read it right…paint. I use my voluptuous 34F tatas to paint fine art on canvas. I call it affectionately “Canvas Cleavage” and I’ve been doing it for six years. The proceeds from the sale of my breast artwork goes to various charities including raising funds for breast cancer research. I even hosted breast painting parties where my girlfriends get together with me and I teach them how to paint with their breasts. And as you can imagine, the guys love to watch!

So how did I become this confident alpha female? Well, I think it boils down to money – doesn’t everything? So, what do I mean by money? I’ve been earning my own keep since I was in high school. Got a full-time job working in a restaurant and then later was promoted to manager at the age of 17. Yep, I ran the place and I had money in my pocket. Being financially independent at such a young age gave me the confidence to make my own decisions and choose the life that I wanted to live.

I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and my Mom taught me the Packer way of life while I was still in the womb. The good folks in Wisconsin are salt of the earth people who would give you the shirt off their back even if it was 15 degrees below zero. They love their Packers, their bratwurst and cheese, their brandy old-fashioned cocktails, and they love their families. By the time I was born, I was bleeding green and gold, and trust when I say that Packer blood stays with you for a lifetime. I have season tickets at Lambeau for over two decades along with Packer stock on the wall and a slab of Frozen Tundra from Lambeau Field in my freezer.

For the past 16 years I’ve been a Florida resident, but when I go back home to see family and attend Green Bay games, I wear my infamous cheese bra! So what is a cheese bra? It’s a spongy cheese-like material shaped like a bra I attach to my chest like a fanny pack would to your waist. With my big puppies in that bra, it is really a feast for the eyes! I’ve donned it at several historic games including the Packers championship match in Dallas and when they defeated the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. I even gave Packer legend, Bart Starr a big hug, squishing him with the bra! Luckily, his wife didn’t seem to mind.

If you are a typical red-blooded American male…..sports are programmed into your DNA. It’s as natural as drinking a beer or morning wood. But gals who love to smoke cigars… that’s a rarer breed. I was introduced to cigars in my mid-twenties when I moved to Florida, making my home in Tampa, America’s CigarCity. In Tampa, cigar shops are plentiful and I found myself wandering into a store in Ybor. I didn’t find the Swisher Sweets I was looking for, but what I did discover was hand-rolled cigars! I picked up a Fuente Hemingway Classic – my first real pleasure stick. I didn’t know how to smoke it because it didn’t have a tip but the proprietor showed me how to cut, light, puff and rotate and the rest is history. I’ve been hooked on fine hand-rolled cigars ever since.

Now, I host a monthly cigar event called Ash Wednesday encouraging new female cigar smokers to learn from us experienced cigar advisors. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at a different cigar lounge in the TampaBay area.

And finally, I host a radio talk show every Friday night called the FoXXXy Forum – a lifestyle talk show. At the end of every show we finish with a Happy Ending consisting of a featured cocktail and a cigar of the night.

I just love being an alpha female. My life is filled with the riches of life and no drama…. plus, I have some of the best guy buddies and other alpha female gal pals as friends. Maybe one day we’ll meet up at a game or on the course, but please, fellas, don’t feel bad if I out drive you.

Till next time, tata for now!

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