A “roach clip” for cigars?

Q. I always smoke my cigars until I burn my fingers. Does anyone make a “roach clip” for cigars?
– T.L. in Elgin, IL

A. Actually, you can buy a cigar holder by doing an online search, or checking out some of the better tobacco shops.

I used a meerschaum one for a while that I bought at a trade show for the same reason you asked. But for me it affected the taste of the cigar in the following negative ways:
1. The head of the cigar does not touch your lips and tongue, which also relay tobacco flavors to the palate.
2. It caused the cigar to smoke hot.
3. Since it’s also like smoking through a pipe, the tobacco juices buildup and eventually get sucked through the stem, making those last couple of inches pretty yucky.

I thiink the old stand-by, surgical forceps, will do the trick a lot better. 😉