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A Sweet Cure for Cigar Tobacco Sickness: Cigar 101

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How to Cure Nicotine Nausea

Q. Gary, you often refer to “heady cigars” in your reviews. I think I now know what you mean. The other night I smoked a strong cigar, and not only felt a little high, but I was nauseous, too. Has this ever happened to you, and how did you deal with it?
– Jake from Baltimore

A. Actually, a couple of years ago, I was smoking a CAO Brazilia out on the deck of my parent’s condo and started to feel nauseous. I was three-quarters of the way through it, and since I had already enjoyed most of it, I figured it would be better to be safe than sorry, so I let it go out, and within a few minutes I felt a lot better. However, at the time, I didn’t know about the following antidote…

According to one of my sources, some sugar on the back of the tongue will help alleviate the effects of a nicotine OD, or cigar nausea. All you need is a sugar packet or a teaspoon of sugar; let it settle on the back of your tongue and chase it with a glass of water.

One final note. Before smoking a full-bodied cigar, try to do so on a full-stomach. Good full-bodied cigars should be felt in the stomach, but not like a Joe Lewis punch.

If you are new to the enjoyment of smoking premium cigars or a wily veteran looking to try out some cigars on the “mild-side”, here are 3 classics stogies that are some of the best-selling mellow smokes out on the market. 

Acid Kuba Kuba

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Strength:  Mellow
Wrapper Origin:  Indonesian
Wrapper Leaf: Sumatra

Acid Kuba -Cigar Sickness

Acid Kuba Kuba is popularity is pretty intense – it is easy to see why. Drew Estate uses an infusion of oils, herbs and essences to create a one of a kind flavor so many cigar smokers enjoy. This robusto is 5 x 54 and includes a unique mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos under an Indonesian wrapper.


Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Strength:  Mellow
Wrapper Origin:  Ecuadorian
Wrapper Leaf: Connecticut Shade

Oliva CT Reserve -Cigar Sickness

the Oliva Connecticut Reserve is a must-try for all cigar smokers, it checks all the boxes – mellow, smooth, almost buttery with a hint of earthy-rich flavor. This Connecticut Shade Ecodirian wrapper tops off the flawless production of this tasty cigar.


Macanudo Cafe

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Strength:  Mellow
Wrapper Origin:  Connecticut
Wrapper Leaf: Connecticut Shade

macanudo cafe - cigar sickness


Macanudo Café exemplifies exactly what a starter cigar should be; this uber-creamy mild Dominican has an American grown Connecticut shade wrapper that brings offers a flavorful smoking experience and is enjoyed by millions yearly since this cigar arrived on the market, it’s epitomized the phrase, “classic cigar.”


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Edward Galvan
3 years ago

it just happened to me with a CAO flathead 660! Is it a CAO thing?

Idk Anonymous
3 years ago

You know your not supposed to inhale cigars right?

2 years ago

I have nicotine poisoning from wearing 2 patches to quit smoking. I almost died. Its been 3 days and i still cant barely move

2 years ago
Reply to  Brian

The sugar didnt help

Chris W.
2 years ago
Reply to  Brian

Brian, try drinking plenty of water. Water dissolves everything in our system. Deep and fast breathing clean air, can help too. Be careful not to drink way too much, cause you’ll be intoxicated from… water! Cheers :)

1 year ago

Take activated carbon. The molecules combine with the nicotine and help the body remove it from the system. Google it for research, it works and is described as treatment on many medical website for nicotine poisoning.

vomit after cigar - databaseor
7 months ago

[…] A Sweet Cure for Cigar Tobacco Sickness: Cigar 101 […]

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