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Are there any good “chewing” cigars?

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Q. My father,who has been a long time cigar smoker recently had a pacemaker placed in his heart. The doctors advised him not to smoke anymore. He likes to chew on a cigar but has complained that most of the premium cigars he use to smoke don’t have a pleasant taste. Any suggestions on cigars that are more flavorable when chewed on?
– J.P. in Denison, TX

A. Funny you should mention it because I once brought an Olor Fuerte Robusto to a poker game only to find out there no smoking was allowed. So, I decided to chew on it, and to my surprise, it was pretty darn good.

Here are a couple of others that might do the trick. Both have a sweetened cap, one has mocha-java flavors if you think those attributes would appeal to him.

Flor de Oliva (in the “natrual” Sumatra wrapper) – Sweetened cap, well-packed, rich Nicargauan tobacco flavor.

Solo Cafe – Sweetend cap, prime tobaccos, coffee and mocha essences.

All three are high in quality and great buys.

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James Clayton
3 years ago

I also enjoy only chewing a cigar, my favorite is alcazar Maduro, I by the longest I can find then cut them in thirds or fourths one cut might last two or three days by putting them in an aluminum tube when not in my mouth. The price is around $70 for 20 not bad in my opinion.

3 years ago

Call me cheap, but I used to chew pricier cigars. I’ve long since switched to Backwoods originals and find them to be satisfying natural tobacco. They’re small so no cutting required and have that old western look. At $4.50 for a bag of 5 cigars, not bad if it’s a habit!

Raphael Buchbinder
1 year ago

Yo good question. I have the ultimate cigar to stick in ur mouth and let ur cheek and gums absorb the goodness.

Plasencia Reserva Original.

I like the Nesticos, not to big a stick to enjoy in your cheek. The only cigar keep in my cheek and not feel like i’m sucking on a manure stick. I smoke many cigars but this is the only one I will enjoy not smoking. ul thank me later

1 year ago

Just to throw my two cents in. I too enjoy chewing cigars. I like the JC Newman Factory Throw-outs Sweetened. One big reason is the smaller diameter around a 45 ring gauge and price.

Michael Washer
1 year ago


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