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Plasencia Reserva Organica Robusto Cigar


This review is as much about the Cuban Cohiba Robusto, as it is about the Plasencia Organica Robusto. Fact is, the Cuban Cohiba Robusto used to be in the number one position of my personal top ten cigars in the world today. The problem is the Cubans have changed something in the original make up of the cigar. The Cubans have successfully taken one of the world’s best cigars and reduced it to less than many budget cigars available today. My impressions of the new Cuban Cohiba, “total disappointment.”

The best piece of advice I could give any premium cigar smoker is this: The next time you’re at a “Pacific Cigar Shop,” or at any of the duty free outlets in the international airports today, and are seriously considering laying down the 750 bucks for a box of these cigars, you should consider saving your money, and buy a box of the Plasencia Organica Robustos. The Placensia’s are the closest thing I have smoked to date that actually compare to the former “Cuban Cohiba Robustos.”

Personally I think virtually every cigar in the world is a little hit and miss. The Plasencia’s are no exception. But when you hit on a good box of these cigars, you really hit, and when you miss, there still pretty good cigars.

~ Kent Surratt

Plasencia Reserva Organica Robusto Cigar

Score: 9.0By Robert “The Reverend Hurricane” MeynPastor, The NOLa Church of SmokesThe Rev’s wife is always bugging him about being “green:” reuse, reduce, and recycle, etc.  To do my part for the planet, I decided to go organic in everything I possibly could, so naturally I turned to the only certified organic cigar I could find: the Plasencia Reserva Organica selection; more specifically, the Robusto.This is a gorgeous looking cigar with a rich, brown, flawless wrapper. The pre-light draw was clean and sweet with the slightest hint of citrus. “Clean” is really the one word that keeps coming to mind about this smoke. On lighting, the cigar burned clean and crisp with very subtle flavors of sweetness and spice.  The edge remained sharp and level throughout the 45 minutes of smoking.  About mid-way through this cigar, a very slight nuttiness joined the mélange of flavors as the spice kicked up just a bit as well. I smoked this stick down to the nub and never did it turn harsh or bitter. Clean and smooth again all the way to the end. The ash, while a bit on the grey-side, held up for a good 3 ½ inches before falling off which is incredible for me as I have no skill at keeping long ashes attached to my cigars.For my palate, this is a mild-bodied cigar that would be perfect for a beginning smoker or an excellent coffee cigar for experienced smokers looking for a nice change-of-pace morning selection. I wouldn’t pair this with any strong alcoholic beverage, as the cigar’s subtleness would be overshadowed.All in all, I rated this cigar a very solid 9-of-10 and will certainly keep some in my humidor for times I want something on the lighter side. I enjoyed the Plasencia Reserva Organica thoroughly and felt good about being nice to the planet at the same time. ScoresAppearance – 9Construction – 10Draw – 10Burn – 9Flavor – 8Aroma – 8Total Score: 9.0To watch a video with Nestor Plasencia Jr. on how these cigars are made, click here.Want to hear more from the Reverend? Visit his page at

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