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The MANual: Nuts and Bolts of the Hardware Store

It doesn't matter if you're swinging by to have a key cut, or loading a trailer full of 2-by-4s - the hardware store is our Candyland. But where you go matters to your project: is it the selection and shininess available in a big-box store? Or is it that old-world feel and advice from your local shop that's been there forever? Go inside each as The MANual advises: because, after all, a good carpenter never blames his tools.
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The MANual

Chances are, you recently heard the question: "does anyone have a knife?!" In this month's MANual, we put you in the know as to why and how that little lifesaver should be in your pants' pocket. Whether you might need to be opening, trimming, slicing or dicing, you never know when a proper knife will come in handy - but you know that it will. See why the pocket knife should be on the list of every man's essentials.
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The MANual: Mad Hattin

A hat says a lot about a man. Take George "Stormy" Kromer: semi-pro ball player, and he hung off the side of full-speed steam locomotives. That's honest-to-gawd baller right there, son. So much so, he has a hat named for him. Think you can pull that off? Or walk in the shoes - and fedoras - of the Rat Pack? Maybe...get fitted with CA's hat guide and we'll give you an infusion of style.
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The MANual: His Drink of Choice

Al Capone knew his way around a bottle of liquor - after all, he stood at the helm of one of the country's most successful bootlegging rings during Prohibition. But one bottle, in particular, was his favorite: straight from the stills in the farmlands of Templeton, Iowa, Scarface loved a taste of homegrown Rye. Belly up to the bar with us and get a taste of Templeton Rye - just like Capone did.
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