Cigar Smoking Mobsters: They Died with their Cigars Lit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Contributor Barry Stein offers a brief look at some of The Mob’s most notorious crime bosses. Their lives didn’t end well, but at least they died holding their precious cigars. Opening with a line from Martin Scorsese’s crime drama masterpiece, Goodfellas, Stein, a native of Brooklyn, NY writes, “I knew of some of those characters firsthand, as well as members of other families who were not depicted in the movie. Actually, one of the cigar shops I was a partner in was visited by many people who shall remain nameless.”

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America’s 5 Best Cigar Cities

Reading Time: 4 minutes At a time when the American landscape is becoming less and less “smoker friendly,” there are still a number of cities where cigar lovers can find a haven to partake. Veteran cigar blogger and cigar reviewer, Barry Stein, in his straight-shootin’ style, describes what he believes are the five best American cities to enjoy fine cigars with your fellow cigar-smoking comrades in comfort.

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La Floridita Limited Edition Magnum cacover

La Floridita Limited Edition Magnum

Reading Time: < 1 minute La Floridita Limted Edition Robusto CigarScore: 8.

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Conuco Robusto cacover

Conuco Robusto

Reading Time: 6 minutes Conuco Robusto CigarScore: 9.

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