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2014 Top SUV’s: To Make Winter Your Bitch

When it comes to winter weather, being prepared and having the proper tools can mean the difference between getting there and getting screwed. Automotive journalist and Cigar Advisor contributor Bob Long has scoured the SUV landscape and made 5 picks (with some bonus material) to not only handle everything Old Man Winter has to offer, but with a hearty "in yo' face" as you blast through the snow drifts. Slip behind the wheel and snow doesn't stand a chance - these SUVs will make winter your bitch.
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The Overlooked but Not Forgotten Muscle Car: 1967-68 Barracuda

The Mustang was red hot, and Chevrolet counter punched with the Camaro. But 1967 brought an all-new Plymouth Barracuda designed to outswim its rivals in the ever-expanding muscle car pond. Not the fastest, or the most collectable Barracuda by today's standards...though what it is often forgotten is the 'Cuda's styling appeal and its monstrous victories in super stock drag racing. After all, what kind of car comes with a sticker that says, "not for use on public roads"?
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