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March Gladness: The Three Habits of Highly Successful Bracket Pickers

Everyone loves a winner. And just about everyone can pick a winner, when one school is an odds-on favorite in the NCAA Tournament. But what about the other 67 squads, and the empty spots in your brackets? Cigar Advisor contributor Eric Angevine is back with a formula that's as easy as 1-2-3 to round out the rest of your field and go home a winner, too. The Madness of March - broken down for easy consumption. Just remember to cut us in when you win your office pool.
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How to improve your digital sound

Let's face it - though you're a freak for good sound (or "audiophile"), you can't drag a turntable with you everywhere. But your digital tunes don't have to sound like they're playing back out of the bottom of a tin can stuffed with wet socks, either. Our tech suggestions help you turn the tunes feeding your secret ABBA fetish into a full-bodied, chest-pounding "Dancing Queen" adventure. We won't judge. Much.
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