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The Party Is Everything the Game is Nothing: Five Tips for Tailgating Success

The key to a winning football season is in the preparation...for the tailgate, that is. It's just a bonus if the team is any good. Harry Hurt III is back at the grill, and cooking up a must-have list for any tailgate party worth its nachos. Utilizing the wisdom he gained from several respectable sources around the League, it's some tips and tricks to getting the basics down colder than the cooler of beer in your trunk. He'll even tip you to enjoying a good cigar for your pre-game ritual.
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Golf Gear

Arnold Palmer once said, "I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's golf game: It's called an eraser." While we're not about to screw with Arnie's logic - the man's got a drink named after him, for gods sakes - there's more than one way to do it. And it's all in the Cigar Advisor Golf Gear Guide! It's high-tech you can use. Drivers, irons, hybrids, putters and threads...what you need to help lower your score, and look good doing it.
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The list! 6 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What does a woman want? Oh, buddy - that question has retired many of our brothers to life's marital scrap heap. Lucky for you, we found someone to give you a hand - but it's going to cost you. This Mother's Day, remember that you may be buying for 2: your wife and your mom. (Note: you won't get off easy by just buying 2 of something.) Use our guidance and guarantee your happiness (wife)...and your inheritance (mom). And for God's sakes, include a card.
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