top new cigars january 7 2019 Cigar Advisor Cover

CA Report: Top New Cigars – Jan. 7 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you developed a taste for infused and flavored cigars? We’ve picked five new cigars that bring a little extra flavor to the table – and if it’s a coffee fix you’re after, we have details on a bunch of must-try smokes. See our list now…

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top new cigars dec 24 2018 Cigar Advisor Cover

CA Report: Top New Cigars – Dec. 24 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Christmas rush has hit its peak; you just want to smoke away the holiday stress with a good cigar. Let’s make it something new: 5 top name picks from CAO to Partagas, to treat yourself to something special amidst the madness. See our list now…

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2020 top brazilian wrapper cigars Cigar Advisor Cover

Top 10 Brazilian Wrapper Cigars

Reading Time: 6 minutes Brazil has become a go-to tobacco for blends, especially when it comes to their zesty Maduros. Find out what makes Brazilian wrapper special, see a snapshot of their history, and see our picks for the best Brazilian cigars in show!

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cigar advisor top food and cigar pairings 9-8-23 cover

Cigars and Food: Perfect Pairings

Reading Time: 6 minutes Like spirits and beer, pairing your favorite foods with cigars can unlock flavor experiences like never before. See our guide to combining them perfectly so you can take your meal and cigar game to the next level!

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Top New Cigars – El Dudoso

Reading Time: < 1 minute El Dudoso – is this the last cigar you’ll ever need? With 40 built-in flavor profiles that match Fuente, Padron, Davidoff, and Macanudo, and fully customizable to become any cigar imaginable. Smoke the most sought-after blends of all time!

What makes El Dudoso truly awe-inducing is its ability to allow customization of personalized blends.

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5 Things About Making Cigars Cigar Advisor Cover

5 Things You Need to Know About… Making Cigars

Reading Time: 7 minutes Making a cigar that’s ready to smoke takes hundreds of people and several years to complete. It can be complicated, but these five things to know about making cigars will turn you into an instant expert.

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cigar advisor top 10 cigar boxes under $100 - cover

CA Report: 10 Top Cigar Box Buys Under $100

Reading Time: 6 minutes Looking for a great deal on a box of cigars? We’ve got 10 of them for you. Arturo Fuente, Montecristo, and Rocky Patel are just a few of the money savers that go for under $100 a box. See the complete list now.

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cigar advisor 5 things you should ask before buying a cigar - cover

5 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Cigar…And One You Shouldn’t

Reading Time: 6 minutes Your first cigar should be an amazing experience. But if you’re led in the wrong direction, it’ll turn into a disaster. Ask these 5 questions before buying a cigar and stack the deck in your favor!

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best value humidification 2020

2020 CA Report: Best Value Cigar Humidification Devices

Reading Time: 5 minutes With so many cigar humidifier options, finding what you need can be a pain. We’ve done the work for you and narrowed down 9 humidification devices, accessories, and even a humidor that keeps your cigars fresh as simply, and economically as possible. Check out the list now!

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cigar advisor top 5 american cigars - cover

CA Report: 5 Great American Cigars

Reading Time: 7 minutes The United States is not among the first countries coming to mind when thinking of premium cigars, but this look at 4 of America’s greatest smokes makes a case that it should.

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