how to fix a cigar with a tight draw Cigar Advisor Cover

How to Deal With a Tight Draw

Reading Time: 4 minutes Does smoking sometimes feel like you’re trying to suck a golf ball through a straw? Don’t throw out your cigar before you’ve seen these tried and true methods of fixing a tight draw.

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cigar advisor how to lower humidity in a cigar humidor - cover 1

CA Report: How to Lower Humidity in a Cigar Humidor

Reading Time: 5 minutes Your humidor’s humidity level is climbing out of control? We’re here to help! Check out our guide to know what amount of humidity is too much…and how to lower it the right way!

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Should I Remove Cellophane from Cigars Cigar Advisor Cover

Should I Remove Cellophane from Cigars?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s one of the most often-asked questions in the cigar world: Should I remove the cellophane from my cigars in my humidor? Read now to get both sides of the cello on-cello off debate, and decide for yourself…

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cigar advisor how and why to freeze cigars? - cover

Freezing Cigars – How and Why to Do It

Reading Time: 5 minutes Thinking of putting your smokes on ice? We answered the questions of how and why you should freeze your cigars – along with answering why you shouldn’t unless it’s necessary. See our handy guide now!

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cigar advisor cigar nausea nic sick fix - cover

Cigar Sickness: How to Fix Nicotine Nausea

Reading Time: 4 minutes It happens to us all. One minute you’re puffing away and living your best life, and before you know what hit you…nausea…dizziness, lightheadedness, and headaches. You’ve had too much nicotine. See how to fix it and feel better fast, as well as prevent it outright in the future, in our tell-all guide to cigar sickness!

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70-70 rule is a myth - proper cigar Humidification CACover

The 70/70 Myth: Why a lower RH is often better for your cigars

Reading Time: 6 minutes We all know the 70/70 rule. But is following it making our cigars too wet? See why a drier environment not only leads to a better burn, but an overall better tasting cigar, too!

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How to Smoke a Cigar Cigar Advisor Cover

How to Smoke a Cigar: Details on Cutting, lighting, and Smoking plus More!

Reading Time: 6 minutes Purchased your first cigar, and not quite sure how to best enjoy it? We’re here to make getting started easy, so check out our handy guide on how to properly smoke a cigar now!

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