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How to go from Novice to Experienced Cigar Smoker

You've had a few cigars on the golf course, were given one at a bachelor party or wedding, or had one at a cigar bar; whatever the case, you now realize that cigars are a hobby that you want to pursue. Welcome! But before taking the plunge, it helps to learn a little about what you're doing. Here's how to go from a novice (newbie) to an experienced cigar smoker.
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Cigar Smoking on a Budget

Cigar smokers are very fortunate to have an abundance of great cigars on the market today, and there is no shortage of choices for smokers of all levels, experience, and preference. But for those of us with budgets tighter than the draw of a plugged figurado, seeing all these sought-after gems in everyone else's hands can create a bad case of stash-envy. So what does one do when he wants to enjoy the best, but can't afford it? Jeremy Yow has a few ideas.
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Social Media & Cigars: The Perfect Pairing

Jeremy Yow investigates the role of social media in the world of premium cigars. Like many niches, social media is actually expanding the industry as a whole and connecting us to a whole new crowd of people that has been otherwise untouched in the past. Consumers can find out about new cigars being produced, the latest news, reviews, forum conversations, contests, and retailer specials and stock with a few clicks of a button or touch screen.
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