salmagundi cigar tobacco countries of origin

2015 CA Report: Cigar Tobacco Countries of Origin

These cigars feature a wildly diverse array of tobaccos; with so many countries of origin in the recipe, they're some of the most flavorful blends around!
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96 Rated Cigars

Gold Stars: 96 Rated Cigars

Cigars are often rated on a scale of Poor to Perfect (). Here are Eight - 96 Rated Cigars that speak for themselves. You be the judge!
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revived cigar brands

2015 CA Report: 7 Best Revived Cigar Brands

Of the millions of cigar brands throughout history, only a fraction remain. Meet 7 cigar brands that have rescued these almost-forgotten names from history.
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natural and maduro wrapper same cigar

2015 CA Report: Natural and Maduro Wrappers

A different wrapper changes the whole flavor profile of a cigar. Try these 5, in both natural and maduro versions, and see how different each can taste.
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travel humidor buying guide shootout

Shootout: Travel Humidor Buying Guide

If you’re planning to take your cigars on the road, you’d better have a good travel humidor to keep ‘em safe AND fresh. See our humidor buying guide now !
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Cigars with a Cult Following

2015 CA Report: Top 8 Cigars With a Cult Following

There are popular cigars, and there are cigars (and cigar makers) who have developed a cult following within the smoking community. Try these 8 and see why!
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Top 7x70 Cigars 70 Ring Gauge cigars Cigar Advisor Cover

2019 CA Report: 10 Top 7 x 70 Ring Gauge Cigars

Reading Time: 10 minutes Some say, “Too much of a good thing won’t be good anymore”; clearly, they haven’t smoked any of the 7×70 monsters on our list. If you demand better and more in a cigar, and have some extra smoking time on your hands, make it tasty – and fill it with one of these top 70-ring smokes!

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5 things you need for your cigar smoking man cave Cigar Advisor Cover

5 Things You Need… in Your Cigar Smoking Man Cave

No matter what size your smoky retreat, these are the plans and essentials you need to equip the cigar smoking man cave you’ve dreamed about.
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5 things about cigar tubes what are cigar tubes used for Cigar Advisor cover

5 Things You Need to Know About… Cigar Tubes

Reading Time: 6 minutes Cigar tubes are for both presentation and protection. But how about storing them, keeping them, and what to do with them when they’re empty? Read now, and learn the 5 most interesting tidbits about those tubes – and the cigars that come in them.

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6 Royal Cigar

2015 CA Report: Cigar Royalty – Cigar with Regal Names

All crowning achievements, these great cigars not only have royal titles in their names - they're cigar royalty in their own right. Try 'em for yourself!
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