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“Just a Friend” A Monthly Column by J. Drew

Jonathan Drew shares the story of how one tory and one song unlocked a whole different meaning for him, and a room full of friends: "finally all together in one place sharing cigars, drinks, hamburgers - and the stories of our lives." JD drops some wisdom on why we, as cigar smokers, are so often referred to as a "brotherhood" - it's what cigar smoking is all about, that's what life is all about - camaraderie, friendship, love for our brothers and sisters.
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Boutique is in the heart

At what point does a "Boutique Cigar Company" lose its roots and become a "Corporate Cigar Company"? Jonathan Drew answers that the same way he answers, "When does a person become old?" It's defined in the person's heart, their attitude and, in this case, perception. Go behind the scenes of Drew Estate Nicaragua & Cigar Safari for a look at how they do things: much differently.
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Fuck Making the List, Make the Legacy

John Waters said,"The only way you change anything is to use bad taste to get somebody to accept something that they didn't before." Words Jonathan Drew has lived by - on big things, like breaking into the cigar business; little things, like "decorating" the Drew Estate factory; or just hanging around not giving a fuck, and erasing stuff out of his iPhone.
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