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The Truths Of Risks & Rewards

Last month, we reviewed the unique selling proposition, ideation and the suit of armor needed to protect your "next big thing." So are you now ready to put it all on the line for the sweet taste of success? Xikar's Kurt van Keppel has some time in the aircraft with this part of the process - and he'll walk you through it, so you don't have to feel the pain.
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The “Why of Buy” – a Problem for Problem Solvers

The path to success is littered with good ideas. Make sure yours doesn't get stranded there, too. Xikar co-founder, Kurt van Keppel, has a series of tips and tests for the budding entrepreneur: does it solve the "why" of buy? Does the market show a demand for it? Did you test it on a focus group? Would your product make it on "Shark Tank?" And most importantly, are you willing to sacrifice for success?
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