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Ice Wine: Such a Nice Wine

"It all started in Germany probably centuries ago. Someone left the grapes on the vine too long-oops!-and they froze. An honest mistake," writes Larry Tepper in this article on pairing these rare, sweet wines with some of his favorite cigars. Of course, mistakes sometimes lead to great things, and this is true for Ice wines, which have become a popular after-dinner treat for a number of wine aficionados. Today, Canada is the world's leading producer of Ice Wine. If you'd like to know why, and see how these wines pair-up, read the article.
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The Magic Number 89

Larry Tepper speaks candidly about the similarities between wine ratings and cigar ratings, He gives you an inside look at both rating system, and explains why you can often max out your enjoyment and get the most for your money by not simply opting for the smoke or drink that scored the highest rating.
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