Phillies Titan Cigar Review

Cigar Review - Phillies Titan. No Joke

Lou gives his Phillies Titan cigar review, giving a premium cigar enthusiasts take on this popular mass market smoke.Phillies Titan cigars belong to a category variously referred to as mass-market,
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padron cigar review

Padron Cigar Review

Lou provides readers with his Padron cigar reviewPadron cigars are one of those magical brands that pretty much every smoker loves or wants to try. It's not hard to see
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punch cigar review

The ever popular Punch Cigar Review

Lou takes on one of the most popular cigars on the market in his Punch cigar review Punch cigars have a reputation for being straightforward fuller-bodied smokes. As one of the
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The History of Cigar Girl

History of the Cigar Girl

In the Roaring 20's and on into the post-prohibition days of the 1930s, cigar girls were a common site roaming nightclubs and bardOur History of the Cigar Girl begins in
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Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal

Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal?

The Cuban Embargo made Cuban cigars illegal on February 7, 1962Why are Cuban cigars illegal? If I had a dollar for every time I've fielded this question, I'd quit my
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Rothschild: A Cigar Size You Can Bank On

Banking on a cigar size: Rothschild

Rothschild cigars are classically defined as a parejo (straight-sided cigar) measuring approximately 4 1/2" in length by a 52 ring gauge - roughly the same thickness as a Robusto, just
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CACover Ashton VSG cigar review

Ashton VSG Cigar Review

Lou provides his Ashton VSG cigar reviewIntroductionNo Ashton VSG Cigar Review would be complete without a quick rundown of the Ashton brand, which was created in 1985 by Robert Levin,
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top 10 cigar blogs

Reliable Cigar Content Bloggers from 2013

We love blogs! More information about cigars is always better, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you some of our favorite cigar blogs out
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Cigar Lifestyle

Celebrate Columbus Day with a Cigar

Despite popular portrayals, Christopher Columbus was neither a benevolent explorer nor genocidal tyrant - at least not totally. The truth is that Columbus was a complicated character, and the circumstances surrounding his voyages were equally complicated. More importantly, as a cigar lover, you should know that Columbus and his men were the first to discover natives smoking tobacco, and brought the practice back to mainland Europe.
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Dress to Impress: Business Casual Done Right

In professional offices all across America, bosses are recognizing the benefits of a more relaxed corporate culture. In many ways, this trend was preceded by a similar relaxing of American
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