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The Slow & Graceful Death of the Tobacco Leaf: Part 2

In Part 2 of "The Slow and Graceful Death of the Tobacco Leaf" theVasquez Cigar Factory is now producing cigars under the name The American Tobacco Company. Author Mark McGinty also introduces the readers to Sanburn, "A nice kid in his late 30's with a drop of Spanish blood in his veins" who is more concerned with modernization and the company's bottom line than the well-being of the workers. Vasquez and Sanburn don't see eye-to-eye on running the business, but they tolerate each other in an effort to keep the factory running smoothly.
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The Slow & Graceful Decline of the Tobacco Leaf: Part 1

Author and contributor, Mark McGinty, reprises some of the characters from his book The Cigar Maker, in Part I of this month's feature entitled, "The Slow and Graceful Death of the Tobacco Leaf." The story begins in 1901 Cuba with Paolo Renteria, a successful tobacco grower who learns that his brother, Armando, has been murdered and their most profitable factory has been burned to the ground during a violent tobacco workers strike in Ybor City. Paolo must go to Tampa and find out what the motive was for his brother's untimely death.
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“The Heist”

In 1963, just before signing the Cuban embargo order, president John F. Kennedy snatches up all the Cuban cigars he can find in Washington. 20 years later two master thieves pull-off a heist in which some of their priceless booty reveals some very unexpected surprises.
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