George Orwell, Cigars, And FDA Cigar Regulation cacover

George Orwell, Cigars, And FDA Cigar Regulation

Regulation of premium cigars with FDA cigar regulation is hanging over the cigar industry like a black cloud. Learn how to protect your rights!
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National Cigar Day – Let the Leaf Loving Party Begin!

Reading Time: 4 minutes National Cigar Day is celebrated by cigar smokers around the world in various ways including Cigar Box Jenga in Times Square in New York City, cigar rolling flash mobs in Brussels, Belgium, and even an outer space herf on the International Space Station. Tommy writes in New York City “Midtown Manhattan will be a cigar smokers playground as throngs of puro-pounding New Yorkers defy former Mayor Bloomberg's fascist inspired no-smoking law. Thousands of cigar boxes will be stacked up high while anti-smoking zealots toss epithets at participants. Police in riot gear are to be expected.”

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FDA Cigar Legislation: How The FDA Took My Stogies Away cacover

FDA Cigar Legislation: How The FDA Took My Stogies Away

FDA cigar legislation is looming over the premium cigar world. Find out what they intend to do and how you can help protect your right to smoke cigars!
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Welcome Back To The Famous Cigar Blog cacover

Welcome Back To The Famous Cigar Blog

The Famous Cigar Blog is back and better than ever! Tommy "ZMan" Zarzecki kicks things off with an explanation of the best cigar blog on the web today!
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Trick or Treat, Smell My Cigar

Reading Time: 5 minutes For a certain few adults (and we use that term loosely) Halloween is just a whole lot more fun. Every year our esteemed Editor at Large, Tommy Zman makes a day of it by turning the table on trick or treaters and their moms by dressing up as the cigar chomping, scotch swilling ghoul that he really is. His boorish antics have become the talk of the town every October 31st, making him a sort of urban legend amongst the locals. Politically incorrect is an understatement, as Zman always has the last laugh – and you will too.

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Cigar Factory Tours You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Taken The Journey

Reading Time: 10 minutes Cigars might be a big part of your everyday lifestyle, but for-shame on you if you have never visited a cigar producing nation and taken an official cigar factory tour. You may “think” you know all about your favorite pastime, but until you have walked the fields and factory floors, then consider yourself a mere tobacco virgin. Here we take a look at some of the top cigar manufacturers who offer the chance of a lifetime to “walk the walk”, giving you the up close and personal, first-hand experience to see, touch, taste, and smell the real-life goings in a cigar company.

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Big Wheels Keep on Burnin’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tommy ZMan goes behind the scenes of one of the most interesting cult phenenomenons of our time, the Big Wheel Open-Class Invitational race. He details the history of the event, it’s founder Johnny “Spazz” Spazzofski, the dangers and triumphs of the event, and what the future holds for this iconic race.

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