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Tampa With a Twist

Rich in Cuban culture, the city of Tampa has played a major role in the history of handmade cigars since 1866 when Vicente Martinez bought 40 acres of land and founded Ybor City. Out of the hundreds of cigar factories that existed in Ybor City and West Tampa, only about two dozen are still standing. Thanks to the efforts of some of the cigar industry's leading manufacturers, several of the city's original factories have been restored, while several new Tampa-based boutique cigar companies have moved in, keeping the city's cigar-making tradition alive to this day.
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The Winter Sweat: Macanudo’s Connecticut Shade

For many years, Macanudo has been one of the best selling cigars in the United States. Its smooth, mild flavor profile makes it an easy recommendation for someone new to cigar smoking or to someone who only enjoys a cigar occasionally. Part of the reason for this consistently smooth profile is a special fermentation process Macanudo has dubbed the "Winter Sweat."
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