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Cigar Knowledge: Selecting a Lighter

Large ring gauge cigars have taken the market by storm and gained massive popularity. The accessory market changed to keep pace with the trend. What good is a cigar cutter that can't handle anything larger than a 54 ring gauge? Have you ever tried to light a 6 x 60 with a delicate single flame torch? The purpose of this article is to take a look at the accessory market, butane torches in particular. When it comes to lighters, bigger isn't always better.
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Burning Issues: Cigar Tunneling, Canoeing, & Runners

Cigars are a wonderful thing. They have the ability to lift your spirits when you're down, ease the tension when you are stressed, and bring people together. Still, with all of their positive traits, sometimes they can be a source of stress. Burn issues can be particularly frustrating. Walt White investigates the three most common issues, along with their causes and solutions.
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Pulling The Trigger on Competitive Shooting

You arrive at the gun range and note the sulfuric odor of burnt powder. The sun illuminates a bad guy target seven yards before you. You tighten your grip, carefully raise the gun to your line of sight, and squeeze the trigger. Adrenaline surges through you as a violent crack pierces the air, followed by an otherworldly silence. A perfect hole is cut through your target. Playing that scene back in your mind is almost as exhilarating as shooting itself. It never gets boring...or does it?
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