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Best Baseball Stadiums For Food & Beer

Zack Barangan takes you on a road trip around the country to find the best in Major League Baseball ballpark food and drink. We eat crabcakes in Baltimore at Oriole Park, drink beer and watch Sausage Races at Miller Park in Milwaukee, have steaks and shakes at Citi Field in Flushing Meadows, and enjoy some Cuban Sandwiches at Marlins Park in Miami. You'll get the inside scoop on which ballparks you won't want to miss on your athletic and gastrointestinal journey around Major League Baseball.
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The Fleet of 1733

Four Spanish galleons, a team of support boats and 20,000,000 pesos worth of Mexican silver found their way to the bottom of the ocean in a 1733 hurricane. Even a Spanish Armada is no match for the fight that Mother Nature can provide. Follow the trip of the Capitana El Rubi's treasure from surface, to sea floor and back again
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Cigar Artisans – The Imperfect Art: A Tribute To Jazz

Jazz music has gone through many stages and evolutions during it's rich history. The genre features a wide variety of different styles and variations, and is enoyed by millions. A pure art form that remains best suited to the live setting of small, smoky clubs, the live experience cannot be replaced by technolgoical advancement.
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Cigar Artisans – Meet the Grupo de Maestros

The Tabacalera de Garcia factory stands as a powerful fortress in the lush La Romana region of the beautiful Dominican Republic. And each week, the Grupo de Maestros file into a well-lit room inside the factory. It is cozy and unassuming, with an intimate feel; a war room of sorts. Once inside, these men undertake a very specific process to ensure that their cigars remain amongst the industry's elite: the taste test. We've saved you a seat at the Maestros' table to join in on this weekly meeting of cigar geniuses.
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