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Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigar Review – Video

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Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigar Review: Cigar Advisor Review Panel

The entire Avo Cigar line got an overhaul in 2015 – and while they promised to keep the blends intact, the Davidoff folks (makers of Avo) had a few tricks up their collective sleeves. First, they dropped some of the prices. Never a bad thing. Second, was that they unleashed Henrik Kelner’s inner blending beast to add to their already-tasty stable of handmades. One of the initial exhibits of Henke’s handiwork is the Syncro Nicaragua, introduced at last year’s IPCPR show, and it represents a couple of breaks with Avo tradition – as we discuss in our Avo Syncro Nicaragua cigar review panel. Before the Syncro, Avo had never done a regular-production box-pressed cigar; sure, there were a few limited editions that got treated to this old Cuban method, but nothing that was consistently available on store shelves. The Syncro Nicaragua is also (supposedly) the first of the Avo lot to feature Nicaraguan tobacco. And though it has Nicaragua in the name, be aware that it’s not a puro – or all-Nicaraguan tobacco cigar. Kelner has thrown the kitchen sink into the blend, and to great effect…this Avo Syncro is like little else in their collection.

So how’s it taste?” That’s we wondered. The answer: not mild, and with plenty of unique flavor. And there’s a lot more – watch as the Advisor panelists smoke their way through this Avo cigar review, and get all the details on the Syncro Nicaragua in our tasting notes below!

The Stats: Avo Syncro Nicaragua Toro

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Size:  6″ x 54
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Oscuro
Filler:  Nicaraguan Ometepe, Peruvian Olancho, Dominican Piloto, San Vicente Mejorado, and hybrid Olor/Piloto
Binder: Dominican
Paired with: Coffee w/sweet cream

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Gary’s Tasting Notes: Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigar Review

Construction and Overall Appearance: Excellent. Cuban box-pressing is clean and sharp.

Draw (airflow): Excellent.

Pre-light flavor (cold draw): Leathery.

Toasting & Light: Perfect.

First few puffs: Smooth, earthy-woody.

Retrohale: Peppery, but not overbearing.

Base flavors: Earth, sweet wood, cream, light pepper.

Aroma: Creamy with some floral notes.

Burn / Ash Quality: No issues on the burn. Ash is firm and mostly grey with black striping.

Balance of flavors: Perfect.

First Third
The smoke started out with a creamy mix of earth and wood. Some peppery notes followed then rounded out for a smooth, medium-bodied ride with an ample amount of flavor in each puff.

Second Third
The base flavors were still very rich and identifiable as notes of pepper crept in, then dissolved, allowing the sweeter aspects of the tobaccos to move back in. This was where the rubber really met the road as the flavors began to caramelize.

Last Third
The smoke was still exceptionally creamy, though some of the sweetness was gently nudged out of the way taking on a much spicier character. The body and strength increased as the spiciness ramped-up further in intensity, while the inherent layer of sweetness below refused to fade. With about an inch left, I put it down because the flavors were beginning to get lost as the smoke hit the divide between rich and bitter.

Here again, I would award the Avo Syncro Nicaragua Toro with “perfect cigar” status. The flavors were right in my wheelhouse. A nice mix of earth, sweet wood, sweet tobacco and spice with a nip of pepper that reveals itself more or less, depending, along the way. No burn or draw issues, and plenty of thick, creamy, aromatic smoke. This is a very juicy cigar, too, so I suggest taking a good minute or two between puffs to keep everything in alignment. All-in-all, a true “luxury cigar” in the Avo tradition. Highly recommended for both novice and veteran smokers.


John’s Tasting Notes: Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigar Review

Construction and Overall Appearance: Pretty sharp box-press; seems well packed, but not too firm to the touch. Veins have been smoothed nicely. The thick cap was an easy cut, no issues here. Want to know what “Colorado” means in terms of color? This…it’s this. Hershey chocolate colored wrapper, slightly oily – almost silky.

Draw: For a box-press, this Avo draws well, without much resistance; it’s almost a little airy.

Pre-light flavor: A cold draw is noticeably sweet. Think light creamed coffee or caramel. There’s a natural tobacco flavor in there, too. The Dominican tobacco is throwing off a barnyard hay sensation too.

Toasting & Light: The cigar took flame well – big smoke output right away, thick with flavor and a smack of pepper right up front.

Base flavors: I found the sweet coffee with cream flavors continue, along with earthy and leathery undertones. The spice faded back to the same level of intensity pretty quickly, just an undertone. A sense of oak was a bit of a surprise. This cigar got off to a pretty beefy start for an Avo. With very thick and creamy smoke, it’s heavy on the tongue. Bonus: each cigar I had for our Avo Syncro Nicaragua cigar review had a super-long finish.

Aroma: A hint of a floral or hay hangs in the aroma. What was weird was that about ¾ of the way through, I had this overpowering aromatic sensation, like all the flavors were trying to jump out at once.

Burn / Ash Quality: The ash is a mottled gray; the burn line is a little wavy to start. That smoothed out – for the most part, anyway – in relatively short order.

Balance of flavors: The sweet and spice balance each other nicely, with the sweet winning the battle for the taste buds a little more often. This stick has some seriously fat body, along with a good helping of the things I look for in a Dominican stick – like smooth and creamy. But this one leans Nicaraguan.

Consistency: Solid medium-plus body throughout after a big and impressive opening – the main flavors that seem to linger throughout were the leather, wood and coffee, while the spice made cameos every now and again. The floral component would come and go, as would the natural sweetness. Take your time with it and you are rewarded with a smoke that doesn’t get bitter, just full of body with rich flavors. Just be careful to not over-smoke it – it will get hot if you’re not careful. Pace yourself, and this Toro will easily last you an hour plus.

General Observations/Summary
I never really had an attraction to Avo cigars – and I have no idea why. I didn’t avoid them on purpose, but I never really went in search of them either. Maybe I figured them to be too upscale or mild for my wallet and taste. But having finished a few of these sticks for our Avo Syncro Nicaragua cigar review video, I can say that impression has changed: what we have here is a cigar that’s under 10 bucks, and it’s a really great smoke.

Sure, the usual Avo schmaltz is layered on thick: “Inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Avo Uvezian blah-blah-blah.” Get past all that, and you’ll find a creamy-smooth, medium-plus cigar that’s thick in terms of both taste and the actual smoke. It’s very beefy for an Avo, with a rich, long finish that sticks a fork in the notion that Avos are only mild cigars.

All the things I like about Nicaraguan cigars – specifically, those made with Ometepe tobacco – are present, though the pepper is dialed back. And that’s ok; it’s a little less complex to me, but the consistent combo of the two distinct “feels” make up for it.

It’s a heavy smoke. Somewhat diverse, too. This Avo Syncro would be great after dinner, especially if you’re having a fatten-me-up kind of meal.

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Two of the 4 Advisors recommended this stick as a great meal-capper during their Avo Syncro Nicaragua cigar review panel. Zman: “Plain and simple, this is…the perfect dessert cigar…” Pullo: “Avo Syncro…great after dinner, especially if you’re having a fatten-me-up kind of meal.” Click the picture for more info.

Tommy Zman’s Tasting Notes: Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigar Review

Construction and Overall Appearance: Perfectly square-pressed with a wrapper that’s smooth as silk.

Draw: Can’t be any smoother.

Base flavors: Caramel, honey, vanilla with floral notes.

Burn / Ash Quality: Solid burn and ash.

For any of you that think “mild and golden” when you hear the name Avo, well, it’s time for a real deal paradigm shift. The Avo Syncro Nicaragua is a synchronistic blend of tobaccos that marry into a complex and incredibly balanced smoke.

Now the three things you’re gonna remember after you partake in this cigar is flavor, flavor, and flavor. Did I forget to mention the flavor? OK, that’s four things, but you obviously see where I’m going with this. The flavor profile is just insane – little nuances of palate-pouncing goodness that have you savoring every single puff.

Let’s back up a minute and start with appearance because you know how important first appearances are. Let me see how I can put it… this impeccably rolled stick is as square as a Pat Boone record and as smooth as a pair of silk pajamas. (For those of you who don’t get the Pat Boone reference, ask somebody’s grandpa.) In easier to digest terms, the edges on this beauty are chiseled and the color and the texture of the outer leaf are beyond appealing, I mean you want to just grab this from the box and start smoking – but hey,  just make sure you pay the cashier first.

The draw, well, like the rest of this cigar, is flawless as mounds of thick, creamy smoke bellow from your face. There’s no question that the very best and most experienced rollers were hired to marry these premium aged tobacco leaves.

So let’s get back to the flavor profile… I found it to be medium in body but like I said earlier, SO full of flavor. I got sweet notes of caramel, honey, and vanilla – not in any way like a flavored cigar, but in every way like a cigar created with ultra-high-end tobacco done by a master blender who excels at his craft. I also got some nice floral notes about halfway through, reminding me of some of the finer Cuban smokes I’ve experienced in years past. The other guys talked of pepper but I didn’t really find that, but that could always show up the next time out, and make no mistake, there WILL be a whole lot of next time’s out.

Plain and simple, this is a superior smoking experience, the perfect dessert cigar, one that would cap off a fine meal with perfection.

Go for it… trust me, if you enjoy cigars, just go for it.


Jonathan’s Tasting Notes: Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigar Review

Construction: The construction is amazing. This box-pressed beauty’s corners are a solid 90 degrees, it has no discoloration, and it’s tightly packed. Very well made.

Draw: It was a little bit of a loose draw, but it had no major effect on the smoke overall.

Base flavors: A nice cedar woodiness and cream.

Aroma: Matching aroma, but with some slight pepper. It’s a rather bold aroma that completely rounds out the entire smoking experience.

Burn/Ash: Burn on the first cigar I smoked was a little off, but the rest burned straight as a sober man walking a straight line.

Balance of Flavor: Very well balanced. Nothing was too overpowering and every flavor meshed well with one another.

Consistency: Very consistent from one cigar to the next.

General Observations
The band on this cigar is very appealing. It really makes you want to reach for it and give it a shot. And for the price point, this isn’t out of anyone’s budget. I think this cigar is going to be a fan favorite for many cigar lovers.

This was a really interesting smoke. It was very meaty and heavy from start to finish making this a full-bodied smoke for the ages, while still maintaining a medium to full strength profile. There are plenty of different flavors found within that can help this cigar appeal to a wide array of cigar lovers. From cedar to pepper, vanilla, caramel, and a whole lot more, this was a winner through and through. To truly enjoy this cigar I would recommend taking your time smoking it or you may find it burns a bit too hot, which can give a slight bitter taste. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with a truly stellar smoke that lasts well over an hour.

Positives: Nearly everything. It was a close to perfect cigar. AVO did a bang up job with this one.

Negatives: I wish the draw was a bit tighter.


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