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2021 CA Report: Best Value Bundle Cigars

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Top 10 Best Value Bundle Cigars for Your Money

Updated March 2021

A good smoke at a fair price. That’s what most cigar smokers want, and that’s just one of the things bundle cigars provide. Certainly, the lack of box packaging takes a big bite out of the cost. Additionally, the wrappers may be a little less attractive, and the fillers are likely to be either short, or a Cuban sandwich mix of varying lengths. These features also help lower costs. And the fact that value bundle cigars contribute a lot to retailers’ bottom lines says that their popularity is far from over. If anything, bundle cigars may be more popular than ever, and here’s why. . . 

A vast amount of information on cigars is available online. Cigar growing and manufacturing processesonline forums, videos, virtual seminars, and other events have made today’s cigar smokers much more sophisticated. And the sheer variety of cigars on the market these days gives them access to many more brands in every category. Add it all up and cigar smokers discover what they like and what they want a lot faster.  

Moreover, today’s cigar smokers get that most bundle cigars aren’t going to have the same quality as a $10 cigar. I emphasize “most” since many of the bundle cigars sold these days, including some in this listing, are made with better quality tobaccos, including long fillers. And because they get it, cigar smokers understand both the risks and advantages of buying bundles.  

Proof that a good cigar can be a cheap cigar

Bundle cigars continue to provide a satisfying alternative to smokers who partake on a daily or almost daily basis. Yetthese economy class cigars are about as numerable as the even cheaperper-stick machine-made cigarsSo, navigating the seas of bundle brands can be daunting. But I finally settled on 10 of the best value bundle cigars in terms of their overall quality and flavorActually more than 10, because in some cases more than one wrapper type is available. Plus, there’s a value bundle for every level of cigar smoking experience 


Camacho Scorpion Fumas Sun Grown  

best value bundle cigars Camacho Scorpion Sun Grown Fumas at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrapper: Sun Grown (Ecuador) 
Binder: Ecuador 
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua (mixed) 

Do you love the rich, Honduran-forward flavor of Camacho Cigars, but find them a bit over your budget? Or, let’s say you’ve developed a taste for rich-tasting smokes and you’re looking for a similar flavor profile in an economy cigar. The Camacho Scorpion Fumas Sun Grown selection offers all that famous Camacho quality and taste in a bundle of 16 at a more than fair price. Using a Cuban sandwich blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers encased in a spicy Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper, you’ll enjoy a medium-bodied smoke teeming with flavors of nuts, coffee bean, earth, and peppery spice with a pleasant natural tobacco sweetness. 


Casa Fernandez New Cuba Connecticut  

Best Value Bundle Cigars Aganorsa Leaf Casa Fernandez New Cuba CT cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade (Ecuador) 
Binder: Nicaragua 
Filler: Nicaragua 

If you’ve been following the good folks at Aganorsa Leaftheir Casa Fernandez New Cuba selection is one of the bet buys they make. From seed to ash, Casa Fernandez New Cuba cigars deliver maximum flavor in a very affordable bundle line. Besides being a great value, these premium cigars are handcrafted in practically every traditional size by Cuban Masters. Rolled in a “Shade” wrapper over mixed Nicaraguan fillers, the New Cuba Connecticut selection offers you a creamy, toasty, and nutty profile for enjoying with your morning cup of joe, or when you want a flavorful “in-between smokes” kind of smoke.


Don Mateo 

Best Value Bundle Cigars Don Mateo at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrappers: Ecuador Sumatra or Mexican San Andrés Morron  
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano 
Filler: Nicaraguan Habano or Mexican Morron  

You don’t hear about them all that much, but as value bundle cigars go, Don Mateo is well made everyday cigar that’s hard to beat. They used to look much cheaper until they up scaled the bands and packaging. However, these long filler cigars have undoubtedly been satisfying cigar smokers on a daily basis for a very long time. Made in Honduras, the Sumatra vitolas embrace an all Nicaraguan Habano binder and filler core, while the Maduros have Mexican Morron filler with Nicaraguan Habano binders. They make more sizes in Sumatra than Maduro, yet both offer a zesty flavor profile with a medium body. Whereas the Sumatra reveals a little more spice in the mix, the Maduro has a somewhat sweeter character. For an every day go-to, Don Mateo is well-made and has a rich taste that’s hard to beat. 


Factory Smokes CT Shade by Drew Estate  

Best Value Bundle cigars Drew Estate Factory Smokes CT Shade at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade 
Binder & Filler: Indonesian 

With the Factory Smokes by Drew Estate selection, you’re looking at a true, first-quality bundle selection designed to give you a Drew Estate smoke experience in an economy-priced cigar. And if you know Drew Estate, they don’t do things in the usual way. As company founder Jonathan Drew said of this line: “This is long overdue for Drew Estate. . .to compete we wanted to disrupt the space with an innovative, deep value line of quality smokes for a broad set of thrifty individuals.” Factory Smokes star a very impressive Indonesian core capped by a clean-cut Connecticut Shade wrapper. Notes of earth, cedar, and sweet spice lead the charge in this medium-bodied value.  

(And if you like these, try them in the Maduro wrapper.) 


Famous Nicaraguan Selection 5000 

Best Value Bundle Cigars Famous Nicaraguan Selection Nic 5000 at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Full 
Wrapper: Arapiraca (Brazil) 
Binder: Indonesia 
Filler: Nicaragua 

Dozens of four and fivestar reviews made this line gimme for our list. Made at Tabacalera A.J. FernandezFamous Nicaraguan 5000 boasts a full, sweet-spicy smoke that’s ready for action – anytime, anywhere. It all starts with a dark, oily, and naturally sweet Brazilian Arapiraca leaf that conceals an Indonesian binder plus a hearty helping of Nicaraguan long fillersThe 5000 series offers top construction, complexity, and rock-steady balance. But don’t take my word for it: A well made, consistently full-bodied daily smoke,” “Has to be the best $2.00 cigar I ever smoked,” and “Great cigar. Burns, tastes, smokes, and draws like you’d expect from cigar 3-4 times its cost are just a few of the nice things written about this must-smoke value.  


Flor de Oliva Natural 

best value bundle cigars Flor de Oliva at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrapper: Indonesian Sumatra (sweetened) 
Binder & Filler: Nicaragua 

For the money, you can’t miss with any of the Flor de Oliva cigar selections, but I’m still personally fond of the original “Natural” blend – the only one with lightly sweetened capsPlus, Oliva’s sweetener has a cane-like sweetness, unlike many sweet-tipped cigars with an artificial flavor. Still one of the best-kept secret values in the cigar business, Flor de Oliva cigars are Nicaraguan at the core and rolled in rustic-looking Sumatra wrappers. The medium-bodied smoke is smoothbalanced, and teeming with earthy, woodsy, and spicy notes, plus a smack of sweetness on the finish. Rich enough for experienced smokers, yet easy-going enough for newer smokers, Flor de Oliva is one sweet tobacco treat that doesn’t overdo it.  


Perdomo Fresco Sun Grown 

Best Value Bundle Cigars Perdomo Fresco Sun Grown at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown 
Binder & Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan  

Nick Perdomo takes his value brand bundles as seriously as his higher-priced cigars. Proof of that can be found in Perdomo’s bestselling Fresco selections. They cost a little more than some of the other mentions in this list, but they also come in bundles of 25, which is a nice advantage, and the quality is first-rate, too. A fellow who used to worked with us swore by them, and now we know why. Perdomo Fresco Sun Grown cigars are puros handcrafted with long fillers grown on Perdomo’s estate farms in Estelí. All of the Fresco blends offer a great everyday smoking experience, but the Perdomo Fresco Sun Grown is the “Goldilocks” of the line with its rich, earthy-sweet flavors, hints of oak and almondand long, complex finish.  


Quorum Shade 

Best Value Bundle cigars Quorum Shade at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade (Ecuador) 
Binder: Sumatra Sungrown 
Filler: Nicaragua 

Made at J.C. Newman’s PENSA factory in Estelí, their Quorum lines are nothing short of outstanding in construction, flavor, and value. Made in three bestselling wrapper varieties, the Connecticut is especially smooth, and can satisfy practically any cigar smoker’s fancy. Plus, these 92-rated suitandtie cigars come at a bluecollar priceHandsomely rolled, all of the tobaccos are well-fermented. Like all Quorum cigars, the filler is Nicaraguan, but the Quorum Shade has a Sumatra Sungrown binder (used as wrapper on the Quorum Maduro), below a clean Connecticut Shade leaf. The flavors are earthynutty, cedary, and fairly spicy with a slightly sweet undercurrent 


Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Natural Fumas 

Best Value Bundle cigars Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Fumas at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium-Full 
Wrapper: Corojo (Nicaragua) 
Binder: Honduras 
Filler: Honduran Ligeros (mixed) 

Sometimes I wonder why some of these manufacturers even bother making ten-dollar cigars, when their economy class fare is so darn good. Then again, you wouldn’t have Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Fumas if not for the original Cuban Blend cigarsThese Rocky Patel selections are indeed a dynamite deal, and they sell fast. For the Natural Fumasthey took Rocky’s Cuban Blend Natural recipe and mada mixed filler core of Honduran ligeros. The Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper remains unchanged. It may look a little less polished, but put a flame to it, and all that bold, earthyspicy flavor opens right up. Great for those times when you’ve got yard work to handle, feel like taking a ride on the open road, golf, and other activities.  



best value bundle cigars Asylum Schizo cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Strength: Medium 
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano or Mexican San Andrés Maduro 
Binder & Filler: Nicaraguan 

Heres another example of a short filler cigar that smokes every bit as well as a long filler cigar—and one of the most successful, too. Made in Nicaragua, Schizo, from Asylum Cigars founder Tom Lazuka, comes in two varieties – Nicaraguan mixed-fillers rolled in darkish Habano wrappers or dark, oily Mexican San Andrés wrappers. Among being offered in a number of traditional sizes, like other Asylums, Schizo also features a 70-ring Gordo. The smoke is wonderfully rich and creamy revealing flavors of leather, oak, cocoa, and sweet spices, with the Maduro adding sweeter elements to the mix. Their medium body and strength also make them ideal for smoking any time and every day. Most customer reviews have also been extremely positive for Schizo.  

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Cem Tamay
7 years ago

Rosa Cuba…..give them a try if you haven’t.

Ray Bleth
7 years ago


Erik Molnar
7 years ago

Bought some of the Oliva Factory Selects–the Habano was quite good. Also bought some of the Rocky Factory Selects–good too…you really should let them rest in your humidor a couple of weeks after they show up.

Louis Brenner
7 years ago

Famous Nicaraguan are as good as bundled cigars get

Steve Farless
6 years ago

Esteban Carreras Ocho is around $5 for individual sticks and is a B&M only bundle. it has a curly head, a shaggy foot, and weighs a ton. I think it’s the heaviest cigar I’ve ever smoked; makes me feel like a real man when I smoke it. Maduro & Natural choices. mostly a sweet tobacco flavor, but they are a sheer joy to smoke.

Craig Woody Woodhull
5 years ago

Perdomo Fresco Maduro is from Cuban seed. NOT for the light at heart ! Plus helps hold your RH in the old Humidor.
Cigar Nutz (FB)

Bob Dean
2 years ago

Hi Gary. I took your advice and the Famous 5000. I bought them and let them sit for a few weeks in my humidor. They were nice medium to full. Had some great flavor notes . I know you didn’t have room for the Famous 4000. They are a wonderful cigar that tastes and smokes like very high end premium. One of my favorite cigars in my humidor. They seen to be going faster than all my other smokes. Enjoy your articles and videos. You guys in CA do great work. Take care. I just thought of a good addition to that list. National Cigar Brand Maduro.

Bob Dean
2 years ago
Reply to  Gary Korb

Thanks for replying so fast Gary. You guys are awesome!!!

2 years ago

What. about. Holts. bottom..shelf. bundle 20..cigars. ? ..they.said horrible. floor..sweepings. ?..Lile.mark.twain..sez. seegars. he. smoked. Long.nines. He hated Havanas. an.seegars with. “Lifebelts. on.them

George Shihanian
2 years ago

Hi Gary. I completely agree with your list. It seems that any bundle by one of the big name companies are a good value option.
The Flor de Oliva are the best bundles for my mild-medium tastes.
One comment about the Quorum. They were one of my favorites until I got a bundle that tasted bad. Yes a whole bundle, not one or two cigars. Do you think some value cigars get different tobaccos in their blend if some tobaccos are not available? Trying to figure out why one bundle would taste so different.

Gary Korb

Gary Korb

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Gary Korb has been writing and editing content for since its debut in 2008. An avid cigar smoker for over 30 years, he has worked on the marketing side of the premium cigar business as a Sr. Copywriter, blogger, and Executive Editor of Cigar Advisor. A graduate of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, prior to his career in the cigar business, Gary worked in the music and video industry as a marketer and a publicist.

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