Cigar Buying Guides

Share and share alike. It’s a phrase that neatly describes the dedicated cigar lovers we’ve met over the years, and it’s something we see in action every day at the cigar lounge. It’s part of the cigar smoker’s code: we enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow smokers, and get satisfaction from turning someone on to a cigar they really enjoy – especially when it’s one they’ve never smoked before. It’s in that spirit that we’ve prepared these Cigar Buying Guides.

There’s a lot that goes into our Advisor cigar buying guides: we use our collective experience to make recommendations for cigars that you’ll enjoy because they’re crafted with certain characteristics: the size you like to smoke, the tobaccos used in their construction, the brands you prefer, or the country of origin. It’s our chance to highlight why these must-smoke cigars have become humidor staples…and our opportunity to tell you about the underrated and “hidden gems” that you owe it to yourself to try.