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2022 CA REPORT: The Essential Cigar Ashtray Buying Guide


Updated April 2022

One of the things cigar smokers tend to take for granted is the good ol’ cigar ashtray. It seems that regardless of the type of ashtray, we somehow manage to make good use of it without complaining. Hell, I’ve even used a styrofoam cup with a little water in it in a pinch.

Certainly, no avid cigar smoker’s accessory arsenal is complete without at least one or more ashtrays. Yet there’s more to a cigar ashtray than simply being a vessel for swallowing grey matter. Just like your cigar lighter or cutter, you want a cigar ashtray that jives with your lifestyle or personal sense of style. Yet the coolest ashtray isn’t necessarily the best cigar ashtray. You want an ashtray that’s first and foremost practical. If it just happens to look cool, so much the better.

All of the 10 cigar ashtrays shown here will not only do the job, they’ll add some style to your smoking space. I could have easily listed dozens of them, for there is no shortage of ashtray designs out there. What I’ve tried to do here is point out what makes each ashtray a practical buy. Additionally, all of these cigar ashtrays can be used for either your indoor or outdoor smoking space. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Stinky Cigar Ashtray

Who else could think of a better name for a cigar ashtray maker than “Stinky?” This popular ashtray maker has a number of models, but this one’s the original and one of the best cigar ashtrays you’ll ever own. Made of stainless steel, it’s eight inches in diameter, three inches deep, and saddled with four stirrups. It’s also windproof, making it an ideal outdoor ashtray. The deep bowl design holds plenty of ashes and clean-up is quick and easy. More than one of the most practical and durable ashtrays, with a name like Stinky, it’s gotta be good.

Arturo Fuente Journey Through Time Cigar Ashtray

Since I figured I had to show at least one cigar maker’s ashtray, few can compare to this “Journey Through Time” ceramic ashtray from Arturo Fuente Cigars. Over ten inches in diameter and four inches high, it’s a stunner. It’s just what the doctor ordered for Fuente fanatics, but there’s way more to it than that. First of all, it’s got weight. It also has a deep bowl, can accommodate up to four cigars, and it looks as good in your mancave as it does on your deck. Plus, if you’re a collector of such items, the Journey ashtray is top of the heap.

Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande Ashtray

Sometimes you want an ashtray that simply reflects your cigar smoking lifestyle. That’s where this Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande designer ashtray comes in. You never know when someone will see it and say, “Oh, you must be a cigar smoker.” Made of durable resin, the Boca Grande’s attractive tobacco leaf design gives off a rustic and natural vibe. Measuring around 14 by 8-inches, it also has a deep bowl, a stirrup at each end, and can hold cigars of most any size. So, for those smoke sessions with another cigar-smoking friend, break out the leaf. It works as both an indoor or outdoor ashtray and is available in a couple of other versions, too.

Cigar Oasis Ash-Stay Ashtray

This might be the quirkiest cigar ashtray of the bunch. Made of high-quality melamine, at first glance the Ash-Stay looks like something out of Roswell, NM. However, it comes with some nice features. Measuring eight inches in diameter, the patented top rotates to open the three ports that surround the Ash-Stay. (“Open the pod bay door HAL.”) It’s also plenty windproof. Another short rotation closes the ports securing the ashes inside. It also seals in stale ash and cigar stub odors. Plus, removing your cigar from the stirrup takes some practice. Beyond that, it accommodates four cigars, holds lots of ashes, and is dishwasher safe. The Ash-Stay does the job outdoors or in and is a good find for boat owners in particular.

Crystal Black Tint Ashtray

This ashtray might remind you of those dark limousine car windows. Yes, the Crystal Black Tint Ashtray is for the cigar smoker who wants the elegance of crystal to catch his ashes. At 5¾” square, it’s made from semi-transparent, black tinted K9 crystal and the bowl handles plenty of ashes. Plus, the flared sides give the glass both a subdued and distinguished appearance. It even comes in a custom gift box. And as luxury type ashtrays go, this one is also priced affordably.

Craftsman’s Bench Verrazano Ash Tray

Looking for a more craftsman’s vibe from your cigar ashtray? The Craftsman’s Bench Verrazano is one of those unique ashtrays that adds a little emerald mist to your smoking space with a murmur of luxury. Measuring 8¾” square, the Verrazano’s deep bowl is more than adequate for four cigars up to a 54 ring gauge. Virtually translucent, the Verrazano’s toothy frosted glass combined with vivid green lines just seem to give it an artisan’s touch. It cleans-up pretty easy, too. I thought the price was surprisingly low, too.

Stinky Floor Stand

There’s nothing like a classic cigar ashtray stand. Images of 1930s European hotel lobbies appear. OK, this Stinky Floor Stand Ashtray isn’t exactly a replica of those vintage models you might stumble over at a flea market. But it does provide a cool addition to your smoking space. (Keep it by the elevator.) Rising 24-inches into the sky, at its apex is the same uber-deep, eight-inch diameter Stinky bowl. The four polished steel stirrups make nice accents. Not a bad way to go, since it can be used as an indoor ashtray or taken outside.

Visol Rectangular Ashtray

A ceramic ashtray shaped like a rectangle? BOR-ing. OK, so it’s not the coolest ashtray on the block. Well, believe it or not this Visol Rectangular cigar ashtray is more about aesthetic—maybe even a little kitschy. More importantly, it’s a trusty friend. The four cigar rests are smoothed by black lacquer and wide enough to hug most cigars with wider rings. It’s also pretty durable; in fact, our own cigar lounge uses ‘em. So, if you’re in the market for a really practical cigar ashtray that doesn’t have a big carbon footprint, this could be the one.

Polished Metal Grid Ashtray

This metal grid ashtray was possibly inspired by a game or something the local tool & die company threw out. I’ve seen it in a number of cigar stores, but it happens to really shine as an outdoor ashtray. It even looks like it goes with your outdoor grill. At seven inches square by three inches deep it’s built like a tank and holds a Humvee’s worth of ashes. It also has no patience for wind or rain. The deep grooves that make up the 16 hole grid more than accommodate almost any size cigar… or any size herf for that matter. If you wanna go pro, this is it.

Stinky Jr. 4-Inch Personal Ashtray

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. Or you want to enjoy a cigar by yourself. Well, just for the occasion, Stinky, once again, comes up with a compact, one-size-fits-one ashtray. Measuring 4-inches in diameter, Stinky Jr. is made with the same quality as the big Stinkys, or is it Stinkies? That includes a deep, wind-resistant chrome bowl garnished with a singular polished steel stirrup. When my Aunt Ida saw it, she said, “Isn’t it just the cutest little thing.” It’s also a nice little item for boaters, and it may even fit the cup holder of your ride. Try it. It one of those things that may come in handy.

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the cigar ashtray options available to you. Odds are you’ll also need more than one. The important thing is that you get the best ashtray for your particular needs.