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CA Report: Top New Cigars (May 11 2020)

Looking for normalcy? Cigars are a great way to maintain it. The climbing temperatures don’t hurt, either. And that reminds me…cliché as it might be to say about any month, I can’t believe it’s May already. I know what you’re thinking. With everything going on right now, days, weeks, and even months seem to run together. Even though we can’t go out to the bar on Friday or the cigar lounge on Saturday, smokers like us are the ultimate experts at making the best of our time at home.

To make that best time even bester, we’ve got a handful of new cigars, just in at Famous Smoke Shop, and waiting to make your acquaintance. In this edition, we’re premiering Viva La Vida Famous Exclusivo, Villiger do Brasil, and Romeo y Julieta Anejados. Each one of them is making waves and I’ll give you the insider’s peek.

If there’s a new smoke you’ve been enjoying, or if you pick one of these up and give it a spin, let me know in the comments below!

Viva La Vida Famous Exclusivo

Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano 2000
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

You asked, we answered: Viva La Vida Famous Exclusivo is now available! As the name suggests, this new size is available exclusively through Famous. And…the debut marks the first time they’ve been offered online through any major retailer. With notes of caramel, coffee, spices, and sweet peppers, these AJ Fernandez-made flavor bombs score big points with experienced smokers. If you’ve been drooling over these from afar, now’s your chance – but be warned. Only 100 boxes were made.

Villiger do Brasil

Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca/Brazilian Connecticut Shade
Binder: Brazilian
Filler: Brazilian

There are Brazilian cigars, and then there’s Villiger do Brasil. With 100% Brazilian tobaccos from end to end, these truest of true puros are handcrafted in Brazil, too. The cigars are offered in two distinct selections. First, there’s the Claro. Its Connecticut-seed leaf gets some extra South American sun for a dollop of extra spice to its silky, medium body. Next, there’s the full-bodied Arapiraca Maduro with a vibrant sweetness, spicy aroma, and notes of coffee, cream, and earth. Whether you’re new to cigars or you’ve been around the block a few, there’s a Villiger do Brasil for you.

Romeo y Julieta Anejados

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Shade
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic

Romeo’s been padding their resume with some easier-going Connecticut blends as of late, and Anejados speaks to the big ring fans among them. The smoke reminds me of a latte. Creamy and pleasant in aroma, with some sweet cedar influence. Anejados has quite a bit of structure (to borrow a wine term) in its smoke. The aroma, the flavors…all of them play off each other well. It’s more than just tasty, it’s an overall great experience for all your senses. With the weather getting so nice, mornings on the porch are pleasant. Here’s a way to enjoy them even more.