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Shootout: Travel Humidor Buying Guide

The Best Travel Humidors for Your Vacation Destination!

Like you, my mind is wandering towards summer vacation. Yes, we all enjoy a cigar on the patio now that the weather is nice; but as my compadre Gary once reminded me, “You should always take a few cigars along when you travel – that way you’re prepared to herf wherever the road takes you.” Genius.

Packing to go on vacation is, for me, quite simple: toss a couple pairs of shorts and shirts into a backpack along with enough fresh skivvies to get me through the week, and I’m already outside with the car idling in the driveway. The bulk of my vacation prep time is spent poring over my humidor, a great debate raging within my soul over whether the La Gloria Serie R or an ACID cigar would be joining me for a twin lobster dinner. In the end, both made the cut thanks to the Golden Rule of Travel Humidors (more on that in a minute) – and after a series of similarly excruciating decisions, my long weekend cigar lineup was complete.

But you know how this works already, because you’ve been there. And if you haven’t, you will be very soon – as soon as we get you set up with a new travel humidor. As for the Golden Rule of Travel Humidors, it’s simple: always buy a little bigger than you need. Yes, you still want your cigar case to be compact, not bulky to travel with; and if you smoke big ring cigars, you’ll be happy not having to cram five smokes in the case like they’re sardines. Plus you’ll have room for an extra two or three cigars in case the opportunity arises for a bonus cigar, or an extra herfing buddy.

When deciding on a new travel humidor, balance your capacity needs with the number of cigars you’ll reasonably smoke during the trip. So, depending on the type of trip you take most often, we’ve broken it down into six categories.


“Finger” cigar cases like this one are great when you’re headed out for a few hours or more to smoke. Yet while the carbon fiber provides excellent protection, if left too long in the case, your cigars can run the risk of drying out.


A night away from home is a night well spent with a good cigar in hand. Like last weekend, when we visited some friends in New Jersey. “Are you bringing cigars?” she asked. Yes, dear. “Are you bringing one for Mark?” Of course I am, dear. If this is a typical trip, you won’t need a huge cigar travel case. Besides, your cigars aren’t protected very well if they’re bouncing around the inside of a mostly-empty travel case. This crocodile leatherbound case from Orleans is tough as rebar, has a humidifier in the top, and will hold up to five cigars depending on size. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to add one extra smoke, just in case, even though odds are you’ll probably only get time for one or two cigars at best. So, whatever your weekend cigar plans, make ‘em count by making sure your cigars are protected in the right size travel humi.


Summer is calling and you’re ready to get away from the hacienda for a few days. Well done! Of course, you’re expecting to fill some of that time-off by making smoky work of a few choice sticks. Since it’s a likely bet you’ll have time for more than one cigar, you’ll want a travel humidor that not only keeps you stocked throughout the trip but has room enough to stash one to share with a pal.

Say hello to this sturdy, five cigar case from Cigar Caddy imprinted with the logo of your favorite online cigar store. Inside you’ll find a humidifier under the lid and a soft foam bed that keeps your cigars safe and dry regardless of the weather or the number of bumps it takes along the way to your destination. Best of all, your precious primos will stay fresh from the day you arrive until the day you head back home.


We’re treading into extended summer weekend territory here – say, maybe a three or four day weekend. This means you’d better have enough cigars to keep yourself smoky, not to mention enough to share with the moocher flock that comes out of the woodwork when someone shouts, “Hey, [your name here] brought cigars!” (The scene from old Westerns when the Cavalry comes charging across the plains ensues.) Now, if you’re not in a position where you’ll have to share cigars, then you’re set for no less than 72 hours of stogiefied bliss.

That’s why we’re recommending this rugged, crush-proof, camo-style travel humidor from Firebird that holds up to 10 Churchill-size cigars. It has a built-in humidifier, an airtight and waterproof seal, an air pressure release valve, and it’ll even float if it leaves the boat.


“Roy, could you imagine if you had driven all the way to Florida and it was closed?” Whether or not the moose out front told ya’, you’re not getting by on a week’s worth of smoking cigars with just a couple of tubos in your pocket. Figure two cigars a day for five days. Too conservative? Maybe, but that sounds like five really good days, give or take a few more – along with a few to share at your destination.

That’s why we like this solidly built cigar case from Xikar. Actual capacity (18-24) depends on the size cigars you’re taking with you. But what really makes this travel case sing is its airtight, waterproof, and crushproof ABS molded plastic case, twin high density foam layers, high pressure valve, locking clasp, and more. Includes a Xikar 50 ct. humidifier to ensure your cigars don’t lose a drop of moisture.

Worst case, you bring a few cigars home; best case, you didn’t run out of cigars for a whole week. When you want to make sure your travel humidor can stand up to the rigors of the trip AND keep your cigars well-maintained, this model is a beauty.


This is the BIG one. When you’re packing the equivalent of an average box of cigars (or more), one can only assume that you’re headed for your month-long summer rental, that long overdue trip to Europe, or some other mother of all summer vacations. Well, maybe you just like sharing your cigars when you’re on holiday. (This makes you a good BOTL.) Now be good to your cigars and show them to more spacious, comfortable quarters like these for your journey together.

This mega-sized travel humidor from Cigar Caddy, holds up to 40 Churchill-size cigars and keeps them safe with a rock hard, ABS-molded plastic housing. A built-in humidifier keeps your cigars fresh for the duration while the soft foam beds keep your cigars safe, and the stainless steel latch hinges keep the humidor’s seal airtight and waterproof. The case will also float if it falls in the water. So, if you’re on a cruise liner and…well…you may be out of luck there. Whatever, you just can’t miss with this travel buddy, especially if you’re the type who just can’t decide what to bring.

And there you have it. Each travel humidor scenario above should serve you well depending on your particular travel situation. So, choose the cigar travel case that’s right for you and you’ll be loaded for bear for your next getaway.