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2020 CA Report: 10 Top Performing Cigar Lighters

Top 10 Cigar Lighters: Essential Gear for Better Smoking

We’ve tested our way through some of the best lighters on the market to create a list of the top 10 cigar torches out there in the cigar world…and added an extra for good measure.

Because with so many good options, it’s hard to keep a list like this capped at 10.

So, from single jet to flamethrower sizes, and from bargain bin to blue chip prices – here is an array of the best butane torch cigar lighters that, depending on your wants/needs/desires, will do the job nicely the next time you’re ready to toast.

Shameless plug time – if you haven’t seen it, here’s the Perdomo video we always talk about. Watch and learn to cut, light and smoke from the master:

To make things simple, we’ve broken everything down into categories. These are some of the best cigar lighters out there, a collection stuffed with options like high altitude performance, golf-course companions, dirt cheap, and everything in between. You’ll find the right lighter for you no matter the situation. If not, check that you’ve still got a pulse.

In the meantime, check out our top lighter picks below. And let us know which ones you’ll be putting in your pocket in the comments below!

EXTREME PERFORMER: Xikar Cirro High Altitude Single Jet

Because mountain climbers smoke cigars, too. Or maybe because you live in Casper, Wyoming (elev. 5200’), and you’re tired of the cigar lighters in your arsenal going ass-up when it’s time to fire up a tasty, mellow Macanudo. Because of the thinner air, altitude can do funny things to cigars: not only will your cigar burn slower, you might even have trouble lighting it because of the lack of oxygen. And that’s where the Xikar Cirro High Altitude Single Jet lighter comes in. It’s protected by a durable metal housing, and this torch lighter’s windproof flame burns bright and hot at up to 12,000’ above sea level…which means you’ll be toasting your favorite smoke issue-free pretty much anywhere. Easy to fuel and adjust and with a lifetime guarantee – this is essential gear to light your victory cigar whether you’re celebrating (A) a successful climb of Mt. Hood, or (B) the successful climb up the stairs on the front porch.

ROCK STAR LOOKS: JetLine Bolero Triple Flame

With a look and feel somewhere between Hal 9000 and Iron Man, the JetLine Bolero Triple Flame is like a vintage British roadster. It looks like a million bucks, but it won’t set you back nearly as much as you’d think. JetLine made this sleek, and attractively symmetrical design for one reason: making your buddies jealous as they watch you light up your cigar with swagger. If that isn’t enough, the ergonomically designed center button naturally puts your hand into a perfect position. Lighting a cigar no longer needs to feel like an unwanted game of thumb wars. If your mind says Armani, but your wallet says Men’s Wearhouse, the Bolero is the lighter for you.

THE CLASSIC: Zippo Classic Cigar Lighter

Zippo lighters have been setting fire to the world’s smokeables since the early 1930s, and have been a required accessory for both film heroes and American GIs. (The latter were actually equipped with Zippo lighters when the company dedicated all their manufacturing to the U.S. military in 1939…and an American icon was born.) This Zippo lighter retains the retro look and features their patented `wind-proof’ screen. BUT – and this is a big “BUT” – it uses Zippo lighter fluid, which many cigar smokers (myself included) think alters the taste of their smoke. Because necessity is a mother-f#@$er and inventors are smart, you can pop in a Thunderbird Butane Torch Zippo insert ($10.99 at publish date) and have a torch lighter which keeps that familiar shape and distinctive click. It’s a classic for cigar smokers, and that cigarette-smoking buddy who always needs a light. Get one.

RAGING INFERNO: Vector Quad Pump Table Top Cigar Lighter

I could also call this your “TOP HERF BUDDY,” or more accurately, “MOST CLOSELY RESEMBLES WELDING EQUIPMENT.” I might even be so bold as to liken it to the tabletop, stogie-lighting version of the Shockwave Jet Truck. Points in case…it’s a handful: 4 hefty jets are in play, wielded with precision and gusto; and performance peaks when the flame adjustment is pointed to full blast. The thumbwheel is the ignition, the other wheel controls the flame adjustment; but the Quad Pump is an infectious device, making you want to light many things (*ahem* many cigars) with it just because it’s fun to use. Bonus points for all-metal construction and an oversized fuel tank (this thing holds a ton of gas). Take it home, just for the conversation piece factor alone.

RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP: Vertigo Spectra Quad Flame Lighter

So, let’s get this straight…a quad flame butane torch with fold-out cigar punch, oversize fuel reservoir with a massive window, all in a single action ignition lighter – and for under 15 bucks? Behold, my friends: it’s the Vertigo Spectra. This is Vertigo’s M.O.: pack a lighter with a ton of features found on some of the best cigar lighters in the biz, then dial back the price tag to a ridiculously low amount. As cigar lighters go, the design on the Spectra is straightforward (and dare I say typical); but let it loose in the skills competition, and the Spectra runs wild and free. Four jets make quick work of the big-ring Gordos in your humidor, though I do have one irk: it’s a little light. For short change, you’ll likely find you can live with that – as you’ll have yourself a four flame cigar torch lighter that’s feature-rich like the big money models, without the assault on your wallet. Dump your other cheapos and jump on this.

CLASSY AS HELL: Rocky Patel South Beach Quad Flame

Points up front for snazzy. This Rocky Patel branded butane torch lighter is available in a variety of Art Deco colors; if that’s your thing, I say go for the gaudiest: wear it loud and wear it proud, brother. Screaming “Miami” through a megaphone, this bright pastel-blue gem lays the burn without hesitation: 4 powerful jets will roast and toast your cigar with reckless abandon. The South Beach Quad Flame, at almost 5” tall is technically a tabletop cigar lighter – be mindful of that, as carrying it around would make you feel like you’re walking with a third leg. So, while it’s not exactly pocket-friendly, it is big ring friendly: just flip back the cap and fire away for a quick and mighty light. Good thing there are Rocky Patel 6” × 60 cigars out there.


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “That thing is neon green. I’m gonna get a Reddit-sized roasting from my friends.” Thing is…fluorescent gear like this isn’t new to golfing. Remember those pink Flying Lady golf balls? You couldn’t lose one at midnight on a new moon. Those same guys poking fun at their friends for using them lost their entire $50 box of Titleist Pro V1s. Who’s laughing now? High visibility is the name of the game with the Xikar Allume Citrus. Drop it in the rough, or even the reeds, and you’ll find it every time. Of course, it comes with all the other Xikar amenities, too. Solid construction. Lifetime warranty. And a precision jet flame making small work of lighting your golf cigar. But if that bright lime color is truly a deal breaker, there’s a rainbow of other choices to be had.

THE OVERACHIEVER: Vertigo Churchill Quad Flame Lighter

If you didn’t think you could get your hands on a quality quad flame butane torch for less than the cost of a cigar 5-pack – think again, muchacho. Vertigo does it in style, and in relatively compact style at that. There is sorcery at work here, as it wasn’t previously believed to be physically possible to cram this much stuff into one pocket-sized piece. Check off the pluses: the Churchill feels solid in the hand, lights quickly and offers a cigar punch that folds into the bottom of the case. Even better – no more butane roulette…you know, guessing when it’s time to refill? This Vertigo cigar lighter sports a huge tank and a fuel level window, while providing adjustable heat. Big thing, small package. Add one of these cigar lighters to your torch arsenal.

THE MULTI-TASKER: Black Label Dominator

If MacGyver smoked cigars, this Black Label Dominator would have been in his EDC. It’s weighty, could easily understudy for a table-top lighter, and comes with a massive fuel tank to feed four white-hot jets. But the specs don’t stop there…it’s also got a handy flip-up dual punch cutter and a pair of retractable cigar scissors. Did we mention that it comes with a Lotus pedigree? Big ring, small ring, tapered heads and rounded caps, this thing lights and cuts them all. Sure, Dominator could probably defuse a bomb, but it’ll do just as well to prep your cigar for a night in the lounge. Why carry a bunch of cigar accessories around when it’s all right here? (Stick of gum not included.)


Nobody buys a Ferrari for the gas mileage. Those who buy one do it because they can. And that notion brings me to this Elie Bleu J-14. It comes in a few different finishes, but this royal blue model with a Japanese-style box marquee finish really stands out. There’s no multi-flame efficiency. No gadgets hidden under its sleeve. It’s just a statement that says, “I also eat 24 karat gold desserts and wear a watch worth more than your house.” All jokes aside, Elie Bleu makes some amazing designer cigar accessories, and this is one of their crown jewels. Give it a thought as an investment in your future cigar enjoyment. Sometimes, living large is exactly what you need.


If there’s ever been a lighter that pays for itself, it’s the Vertigo Cyclone. It’s got three torches, an oversized, translucent fuel tank, and is sized to fit in the smallest of cigar cases. Above that, it’s ridiculously affordable. We’re talking under $7 as of the time of this update. That’s why it’s been my daily driver for more than a year, and I’d estimate I’ve lit the better part of 1000 cigars with it since. How many sub $10 lighters can do that? All the above lighters have their own merits, but what I love most about Cyclone is that it’s just an unbeatable value for the money. It’s easy to replace if you lose it and it just doesn’t quit.