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2015 CA Report: Top 9 Birthday Cigars

9 Top Birthday Cigars

Celebrate with these fine smokes!

By Gary Korb

Apart from our physical appearance, what’s the one thing all human beings have in common? Birthdays! We all have birthdays, and we love celebrating them. From the age when we’re old enough to be conscious of them, to the age when we’d rather ignore them, as adults, many of us celebrate our “special day” with a good cigar. Yet, like any celebration that calls for a cigar, it’s hard to decide which cigar to choose. So, I’ve cobbled together a list of birthday cigars that will add some well-deserved pleasure to your big day, even if the weatherman calls for rain.

– Gary

Avo XO “Intermezzo” (5 1/2″ x 50)

I’ve been singing the praises of these opulent, medium-bodied cigars for years, and this robusto is a great celebratory stick for its creamy, nutty, and cedary flavors laced with sweet-spicy notes. It pairs beautifully with practically every libation, and is equally satisfying with coffee & cake.

Tatuaje Tattoo “Caballero” (5″ x 50)

If you’ve decided your birthday is the perfect occasion to light up one of Pete Johnson’s famed Tatuaje cigars, this affordably-priced robusto offers a medium-bodied smoke teeming with complex flavors and a hint of sweetness. You may even decide to make it one of your regular “go-to’s.”

Room101 San Andrés “808” (6″ x 60)

It’s your big day, so how about a big cigar? This Room101 series has become a personal favorite for its earthy, semi-sweet character, plus, the Mexican wrappers grown by A. Turrent are incredible. Despite its girth, the “808” offers an even burn and an endless array of rich, creamy flavors, making its 60 ring gauge a non-issue.

Davidoff Nicaragua Toro (5½” x 54)

Ask most cigar smokers what they plan to smoke on their birthday and Davidoff cigars are sure to come up. A distinctive departure from Davidoff’s classic Dominican-blended fare, these full-bodied Nicaraguan puros are made to stimulate all the senses with their ultra-smooth, creamy, and complex flavor profile, especially in the Toro’s shorter-wider dimensions.

Liga Privada No.9 Robusto (5″ x 52)

Due to their stellar reputation and loyal following, Liga Privada No.9 cigars are often hard to find, but they make great birthday cigars – especially the Robusto. The all-Nicaraguan blend of 7 tobaccos from 7 different farms offers a full-bodied bevy of dark, spicy tobacco flavors and an enchanting aroma without the harshness and headiness found in some other Nicaraguan puros.

CLE Corojo Corona (5¾” x 46)

If you can’t smoke a Cuban cigar on your birthday, the CLE Corojo series would certainly qualify as the next best thing. The Corona is ideal for enjoying the sweet, creamy, Cubanesque flavor of its all-Honduran-grown, authentic Cuban-seed Corojo tobaccos; even the wrappers are uniform in color and buttery-smooth to the touch like the best Havanas. Ironic, isn’t it? But, as Yoda would say, “Incredible, it is.”

PDR Small Batch Grand Toro (6″ x 54)

Small batch cigars are all the rage these days, and this Grand Toro from Pinar Del Rio’s Small Batch series makes for a deliciously decadent birthday present. Vintage Criollo and Corojo long-fillers are rolled in the Cuban entubar method for a perfect burn and draw. I suggest you start with the Brazilian Habano wrapper for an earthy and creamy smoke laced with a perfectly balanced mix of sweetness and spice.

Punch Rare Corojo “Elite” (5¼” x 45)

Released annually each Spring in limited edition, the Punch Rare Corojo selection is a premium cigar that also celebrates a birthday every year. This year, they’ve added the “Elite” to the mix. Rippling with earthy, woody, and sweet-spicy tobacco flavors, this smooth, full-flavored Corona reveals all of the savory nuances bubbling inside its buttery Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

Alec Bradley Nica Puro “Bajito” (41/4″ x 52)

The Alec Bradley Nica Puro line made my “All-Time Favorites” list this past year for its perfect-balance and complex Nicaraguan flavor profile. That said, the Rothschild-sized “Bajito” has just the right dimensions for you to fully appreciate its shimmery Criollo wrapper and diverse tobacco core. More than a special occasion cigar, the “Bajito” has the right stuff to go beyond birthday cigars and make every day special.