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Top 6 Memorial Day Cigar Picks

The Must-Smoke Cigars for your Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day. The official unofficial start of summer. As far as cigar-smoking holidays go, this is the big one. Because if you aren’t loaded up on burgers, brews, cherry bombs, and blends…are you really even celebrating?

There’s no shortage of premium handmades to sift through, but which should you choose? Do you smoke the cigars everyone’s raving about? Do you trek off the beaten path and find something under the radar? Why not both?! First, three of the most popular premiums at the moment. And then, three more that are heavy-hitters in the flavor department, even though they’re not hailed from the rooftops.

Check out all six of our Memorial Day cigar picks and explore blends from Perdomo, Plasencia, Rojas, and more—and don’t forget to let us know, on our social channels below, which sticks you’ll be burning on your long weekend!

Drew Estate Blackened S84 Shade to Black

Far and away the most buzzworthy cigar release of 2024 so far, Shade to Black is the highly-anticipated second cut from the Drew Estate, Metallica, and Blackened Whiskey partnership. Though a milder blend than the ‘Blackened M81’ original, the Connecticut-wrapped release is anything but ordinary. We love its flavors of honey, leather, hay, and oak with a decidedly darker vibe. The best part—with Shade to Black’s gentler disposition, it’s a great cigar to smoke in the sunshine as it won’t overwhelm you in the heat.

Plasencia Cosecha 151

Plasencia might not be making headlines as big as Drew and Metallica, but they don’t need to. That’s because Cosecha 151’s long lineage of life-affirming flavor continues with this latest release. Named for their 151st harvest, the blend’s luxury-class smoke billows with notes of earth, spices, and a satiating sweetness that could be straight off a Michelin star dessert menu. When the sun goes down, the fireworks have ended, and it’s time to relax with friends and family on the patio—that’s when you cut and light Cosecha.

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro

In a rare moment for Perdomo fans, a new cigar was recently released to commemorate the company’s third decade in business. The blend comes in your choice of wrappers; a Sun Grown, a Connecticut, and the Maduro that we’re highlighting here. I’m choosing the darker leaf thanks to its marriage of flavor, strength, and complexity. And with notes of coffee, earth, plus a malty, spicy sweetness, your palate will be treated to a firework show all their own.

Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa

Easily one of the best cigars of the past decade…and somehow, it still isn’t front-page news. Rojas Street Tacos are just the rare breed of handmades that come along once in a while—out of nowhere—and completely knock your taste buds into the next zip code. Does it really taste like tacos? Yeah. It really does. In a lot of ways. Spicy, tangy, savory, mouthwatering. You get the picture. Leave the burgers for the Fourth; Memorial Day weekend is taco time.

Corto by Warped

Another sleeper hiding in plain sight, Warped’s Corto checks all the right boxes. They started with an all-Nicaraguan tobacco blend. Then they topped it off with a mystery leaf, also grown in Nicaragua. Whatever it is, I wish they’d tell me. Until they do, I’m perfectly content finding it here. Expect a drizzle of sweet butter, cashews, and spicy layers of earth in the background. And if retrohaling is your thing, it’ll take Corto to an all-new floral and Cuban-esque level. Don’t take my word for it. Smoke one and you’ll see.

Aladino Corojo Reserva

A smoke with a little more pep in its step than the Aladino Corojo we reviewed earlier this year, Reserva made sure to bring the bacon. Juicy notes of cocoa, cinnamon, almonds, coffee, and cedar marinate perfectly together on the palate. Bolder? Yes. Overpowering? Nope. The body straddles the line between medium and full, slowly building as you smoke it. And because it’s on the stronger side, it’ll keep up with your favorite whiskies and bourbons late into the night’s festivities.