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5 Fresh Cigar Tools Reviewed!

Updated August 2023

With cigars more popular than ever, a lot more lighters are flicking and cutters clacking. But some have seen better days, or worse, have entered the eternal realm of the lost along with your gym socks. If time or loss has taken its toll on your accessories, you may be on the hunt…and I have torches, cutters, and more passing my test of worthiness. Now it’s time to share what I’ve found with you!

That in mind, I took the liberty of finding five trusty cigar tools, one in each category, that will last you just as long as your old faithful in need of replacement

So, let’s take a look. . .

Xikar Astral Torch Lighter

If you’re looking for a reliable cigar lighter, this single flame Xikar Astral model makes a reliable companion any time of year. Sure, multi-jet torch lighters may be popular for those big ring cigars, but the Astral provides plenty of power, and more importantly, accuracy, especially for toasting your cigar. It’s also highly wind resistant, has a red fuel capacity window, works at up to 12,000 ft., and is backed by Xikar’s limited lifetime warranty. The Astral’s other attractive features include a convenient pull-down ignition button, slim profile, and light weight. (Other colors are available.)

Famous Smoke Shop Shark Cutter

Here’s a cigar cutter that takes no prisoners. It’s the Famous-Exclusive Branded Shark cutter by Vertigo, and I dare any Great White out there to do a better job on your precious primos. Able to handle cigars up to a 64 ring, the closed back ensures just the right amount of cap as the serrated blades slice through tobacco like a hot knife through butter. There’s nothing fishy about its low price, either. If you’re a stickler for accuracy, catch this shark for the cleanest, most precise cuts possible.

Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande Tobacco Leaf Ashtray

Nothing makes a statement (and pleases the better half) like an affordably-priced ashtray to dress-up your patio, deck, or balcony. The Boca Grande Tobacco Leaf ashtray from Craftsman’s Bench is the way to go. For one, its detailed leaf design looks like an ashtray you’d find in an upscale cigar lounge. It accommodates two full-size cigars, and since it’s made from weather-resistant resin, the Boca Grande will stubbornly stand up to the elements. On the other hand, it looks just as classy in your personal, indoor smoking space.

Firebird 10-Cigar Travel Humidor (BUY NOW)

If you’re taking cigars with you, they’re gonna need protection of the highest order. This rugged 10-cigar Firebird model will easily get you through any outdoor adventure. Crafted from ABS plastic, it’s not only tough as nails, but if your plans include being on or near the water, you’ll be happy to know that it’s also waterproof. Priced affordably, whether you’re heading overseas or downtown to your favorite cigar lounge, there’s no better way to protect your prized stogies than a travel humi (see the other available colors, too)

Colibri V-Cutter (BUY NOW)

For all of you cigar smokers out there who love the V-cut, here’s one for you. The Colibri V-Cutter differs from other V-cutters in several ways. For one, it’s compact and ergonomically designed for a solid feel in your hand. That’s half the battle right there. Secondly, the razor-sharp stainless steel blades slice caps up to 60-ring Gordos, plus it issues a deeper cut and that translates to a better draw. Whether you’re curious about getting a V-cutter or a polished pro, this V-cutter is a sound investment backed by a reliable warranty.