Cuban cigar brands Cuban cigars cuban Heritage cigars buying guide

Cuban Heritage Cigars Buying Guide

See our list of Cuban Heritage cigars: brands taken from the island and made abroad after the Communist Revolution, and still similar to Cubans in taste.
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best cigar value 2012 buyers guide

2012 CA Report: Best Cigar Values – Buying Guide

Gary scouts the best cigar values among premium smokes, and presents this 8 cigar buying guide to make your money go farther. Plus free bonus smoking tips!
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How to Shop Smart for Cigars cacover

How to Shop Smart for Cigars

An educated consumer is our best customer.” That’s the motto for SYMS, the nationwide clothing store chain. Fortunately, the internet allows consumers to price check at warp speed, making that motto even more relevant for just about everything we buy, and that includes premium cigars.

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Giving Cigar Gifts cacover

Giving Cigar Gifts

The act of giving a gift is certainly worth something, a thoughtful gift giver will consider whether the recipient will actually enjoy it.
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maduro wrapper cigars buying guide

2010 CA Report: Maduro Wrapper Cigars – Buying Guide

Maduro wrapper cigars are created with a few different processes. There is a ton of material available to help explain these different processes. 
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Connecticut Wrapper cigars Buying Guide cover

2010 CA Report: Connecticut Wrapper Cigars Buying Guide

Connecticut wrapper cigars are among the most popular premium cigars on the market - find out why, and get our picks on the best ones to try!
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corona cigar buying guide

2010 CA Report: Corona Cigar Buying Guide

When was the last time you smoked a Corona? From what I’ve observed since I’ve been in this business, it seems like the Corona has taken a back seat to other sizes.

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2010 CA Report: Noteworthy Nicaraguan Cigars cacover

2010 CA Report: Noteworthy Nicaraguan Cigars

Certainly, Cuban cigars have their place, but when you look at most of the non-Cuban cigars that are getting the high scores and word-of-mouth referrals, it’s the Nicaraguan cigars that stand out.

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Cigars: The gifts that keep on giving cacover

Cigars: The gifts that keep on giving

About two weeks ago his package arrived and the cigars were very enjoyable.

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A Cigar Gift-Buying Primer cacover

A Cigar Gift-Buying Primer

A cigar gift buying guide

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