Does anyone make a decent $20 cigar lighter? cacover

Does anyone make a decent $20 cigar lighter?

Looking for tips and tricks to better enjoy your cigars – or want answers about smoking? We have them: Does anyone make a decent $20 cigar lighter?

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Giving the gift of cigars this holiday season? cacover

Giving the gift of cigars this holiday season?

Try these tips to ensure they stay fresh

By Jonathan Detore

It’s that time of year again, folks! It’s time for family, togetherness, and giving to those who are less fortunate or to show our appreciation for our loved ones. It’s certainly my favorite time of year, and it always puts me in a giving mood whether it be volunteering in my community, a neighboring community, or simply getting a gift for someone special to me — and what gift is better than cigars? Well, our wives and girlfriends might want to get us cologne to counter the smell of cigar smoke. Maybe a razor to shave that ZZ Top beard or epic moustache, but we know cigars are number one on our Christmas lists, and for those who wish to buy cigars for others this year, I’ve got a few tips to ensure they stay in smoking fresh condition.

I reached my first full year of working in Customer Service this past September (hold the applause), and the trend I see around the holidays is that our loved ones, who are typically not cigar smokers, buy cigars for those of us who do enjoy cigars. Last year, and I’m positive this year, we will get plenty of calls from those customers on December 26th to the tune of “My cigars are dry and they were a Christmas gift!”

The number one mistake a lot of gift-givers make is buying cigars too early. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big supporter of getting Christmas shopping done early just to get it out of the way, so I can truly enjoy the holidays; but with cigars, this poses the problem of the cigars possibly drying out, which in turn causes these phone calls and emails.

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desktop cigar humidors

2012 CA Report: Best Bargain Desktop Cigar Humidors

Gary Korb has written a handy buying guide for cigar humidors to make sure you're getting optimal cigar storage and great bang for your buck!
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maduro cigar buying guide

2014 CA Report: Maduro Cigar Buying Guide

Maduro wrapped cigars like these are extremely popular among experienced cigar enthusiasts. Try each for a sweet, rich, and complex flavor!
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torpedo cigar

2012 CA Report: Best Torpedo Cigar Recommendations

Find the perfect torpedo cigar with this handy cheat sheet: what makes torpedoes special, plus a list of suggestions for trying torpedo cigars.
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Bundle Cigars: 2¢ on Price, Blend and Comparisons cacover

Bundle Cigars: 2¢ on Price, Blend and Comparisons

Gary Korb gives his take on bundle cigars, and how they can offer cigar enthusiasts a terrific value on cigars similar to more expensive ones.
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Great Cigar Gift Ideas for 2011 cacover

Great Cigar Gift Ideas for 2011

During the Holiday Season it’s so hard to keep from tripping over ads and articles on “Great Gift Ideas!” I figured I might as well get in on it too, with my own guide to finding the perfect cigar gift. So, I’ve kept it simple. Here are five great gift ideas in five respective categories and various price points, that you can hint at to your wife, girlfriend, best friend, business colleagues or, you can tie a string around your finger like Uncle Billy in It’s a Wonderful Life, so you can remember to buy them for yourself.

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CACover Big N Beefy 60 ring cigars

2011 CA Report: 12 Top 60 Ring Cigars – Buying Guide

60 ring cigars are a hot trend these days, with ever-expanding sizes dominating the marketplace. Find the best big-ring smoke for you with this guide.
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2011 bestselling cigars

2011 CA Report: Summer Bestselling Cigars – Buying Guide

Get our guide to the bestselling cigars for the summer of 2011: tasting notes and blend are information included - plus important smoking tips!
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2011 CA Report: Sleeper Cigars – June Cigar Buying Guide cacover

2011 CA Report: Sleeper Cigars – June Cigar Buying Guide

Sleeper cigars are quality cigars that have only caught the attention of a few, but for the most part have been overlooked by the majority of cigar smokers 
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