CACover_How to Keep Cigars Fresh Humidification Devices

2016 CA Report: 3 Top Tools to Keep Cigars Fresh in a Cigar Humidor Year-Round

See 3 top systems that will help you keep cigars fresh in a humidor, from season to season. They're key to keeping your precious primos happy and flavorful!
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best value humidification 2020

2020 CA Report: Best Value Cigar Humidification Devices

Reading Time: 5 minutes With so many cigar humidifier options, finding what you need can be a pain. We’ve done the work for you and narrowed down 9 humidification devices, accessories, and even a humidor that keeps your cigars fresh as simply, and economically as possible. Check out the list now!

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cover Cigar Storage - How to Care For Premium Cigars

Cigar Storage – How to Care For Premium Cigars

Have cigar storage questions? Here's useful, PRO-level humidor advice from cigar master José Blanco, on storing cigars, humidity, rotating cigars and more!
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5 things to know about humidors

5 Things You Need to Know About…Humidors

Learn 5 little known and seldom-used facts about humidors: they're the most important cigar accessory we will own as cigar smokers.
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Winter Humidor Maintenance

Winter Humidor Maintenance Tips

Winter humidor maintenance is critical - if you don't keep an eye on your humidor during the cold season, you risk your cigars being unsmokeable by spring.
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Over humidified cigars Under Humidified cigars

How to Fix Over Humidified & Under Humidified Cigars

Over and under humidified cigars are a pain in the backside. If yours stogies are too wet or too dry, read these tips on how to deal with these issues.
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How to store cigars in a coolerdor

Does a humidor made from a storage box or beer cooler work better than a traditional wooden cigar humidor? Learn how to store cigars in a coolerdor.
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Home aging your cigars

Home aging your cigars: Yes or No?

Home aging your cigars is a common practice, but how do you know when your cigars are actually ready to smoke? This article sheds light on the question.
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cigar advisor how to season a humidor - cover

How to Season a Humidor: The Complete Guide

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’re plan on storing your cigars in a traditional wooden humidor, first you have to season it. This bookmark-worthy article covers detailed instructions on seasoning including: choosing the right humidifier & hygrometer, maintenance tips, how to re-season your humidor, and much more.

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how to charge a cigar humidifier

How to Charge a Cigar Humidifier

In this short Cigar Advisor article, we'll demonstrate how to charge a cigar humidifier. It's easy, with these tips!
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