Winter Humidor Maintenance

Winter Humidor Maintenance Tips

Winter humidor maintenance is critical - if you don't keep an eye on your humidor during the cold season, you risk your cigars being unsmokeable by spring.
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Over humidified cigars Under Humidified cigars

How to Fix Over Humidified & Under Humidified Cigars

Over and under humidified cigars are a pain in the backside. If yours stogies are too wet or too dry, read these tips on how to deal with these issues.
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How to store cigars in a coolerdor

Does a humidor made from a storage box or beer cooler work better than a traditional wooden cigar humidor? Learn how to store cigars in a coolerdor.
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Home aging your cigars

Home aging your cigars: Yes or No?

Home aging your cigars is a common practice, but how do you know when your cigars are actually ready to smoke? This article sheds light on the question.
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How to season a humidor

How to Season a Humidor

Cigar expert Gary Korb provides easy instructions on how to season a humidor. This is an essential process for proper cigar storage.
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how to charge a cigar humidifier

How to Charge a Cigar Humidifier

In this short Cigar Advisor article, we'll demonstrate how to charge a cigar humidifier. It's easy, with these tips!
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Cigar Storage Options from Soup to Nuts

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of cigar smokers – occasional dabbler, hobbyist, serious enthusiast, or full-out cigar nut, you need a place to store your stogies. In “Cigar Storage Options, from Soup to Nuts,” Bryan Glynn reports on the wealth of storage options available to today’s cigar smoker, ranging from small makeshift solutions to high-end furniture pieces.

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How to Build a Coolerdor cacover

How to Build a Coolerdor

What is a humidor? Breaking it down to its most basic components, it's a humidified box or cabinet...
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How can I put the “whoosh” in my humidor? cacover

How can I put the “whoosh” in my humidor?

Even if your humidor doesn’t make a “whoosh!” sound, that doesn’t mean the seal isn’t good. See how the cigars do in the humidor for about a month.

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Resting your cigars

Resting Your Cigars After Delivery

Regardless of how long it takes the package to get to you, unless you’re really Jones’n for a cigar, resting your cigars is probably a good idea.

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