Cigar Legislation

Cigar Regulations

Impending FDA Cigar Regulations

Take action now against the FDA!!!

There are just a few days left until the FDA closes your window of opportunity to speak your mind about its proposed FDA cigar regulations.

If you want to continue to enjoy premium cigars as a passion and hobby, don’t just make a comment to the FDA – make it a Damn Good Comment. If you’ve already spoken out about exempting premium cigars, thank you. Speaking up and speaking out is a big help for us all, as cigar enthusiasts. If you haven’t, there’s less than one week to go: the FDA closes its comment period on 8/8 for the submission of comments, data and research on the proposed deeming rules that will determine the future viability of the premium cigar industry.

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What has the FDA been smoking lately

What Has The FDA Been Smoking Lately?

tobacco legislation fda cigar regulations

The FDA cigar regulations has defined premium cigars as having a minimum price of $10. Disagree? Then #getfiredup and let the FDA know what you think!

Topics related to federal regulation tend to appear so complicated that many people just don’t bother to pay attention. The aim of this article is to try and simplify what the Federal Drug Administration proposes with regard to regulating premium handmade cigars, and what cigar smokers can do about it. Yes, this is also one of the few pending regulations where we, the people (at least the people who enjoy smoking premium handmade cigars), can raise our voices in an effort to influence what the FDA will eventually enforce. More on how to do that later, but let’s start at the beginning so you can understand what the FDA regulations are proposing.

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Cigar legislation fda taxes military

Cigar Legislation Roundup: The FDA, Taxes, and the Military

tobacco legislation fda regulation

The FDA has defined premium cigars as having a minimum price of $10. Disagree? Then #getfiredup and let the FDA know what you think!

Why the FDA Has Cigar Legislation All Wrong

By now, we’ve all heard the news: the FDA has given us a look at what they’re thinking about doing to the cigar industry, vis-à-vis new regulations. Pending though they may be, it’s only a matter of time and outspokenness before they decide how hard to come down on cigar lovers. At the heart of the issue is how premium cigars are to be defined…they already have been, by various state legislatures; but now it’s time for the Feds to come up with something they feel is more formal. And the definition of what a premium cigar “is,” is really the subject of the debate if we’re to have any reasonable shot at the FDA moving away from regulating premium cigars.

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Cigars vs Cigarettes

Cigars vs. Cigarettes


Cigars vs. Cigarettes – Many people view them as the same, but there are many drastic differences.

There’s been a lingering question out there when it comes to smoking, and it’s in making the distinction between premium cigars and cigarettes. The question has bubbled to the surface again in the face of pending FDA cigar regulations, many of which are modeled after regulations already in place for cigarettes. The folks pushing for these regulations frequently take the viewpoint that tobacco is the same in any form, therefore, they feel regulations should be uniform as well. This thought-process leads us back to our original question – what are the differences of cigars vs. cigarettes? The answers, unsurprisingly, run as wide a range as the number of people who you might ask for guidance. But today, we’re going to draw some major differences between premium cigars and cigarettes – and I got nominated, since I’ve had my fair share of both. I’m not afraid to admit it – I was a cigarette smoker for many moons, and many Marlboros; today, I smoke cigars exclusively. But let’s be clear – smoking, isn’t just smoking.

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George Orwell, Cigars, And FDA Cigar Regulation

fda cigar legislation

Tommy Zman tells you about pending FDA cigar legislation and what you can do to help!

Today I introduce to you the short video we at Famous Smoke Shop put together advising all of you who love cigars about the inherent dangers that exist if the FDA gains control over the cigar industry.

The reason we did this is simple: our beloved industry is in REAL danger due to proposed FDA cigar regulation and this piece outlines pretty clearly what bad things could happen to your cigars – from the manufacturing, the way you are allowed (or not allowed) to buy them, and lastly… even possible extinction.

While the feedback has been astounding to this video presentation, I’ve heard a few clamorings on the internet forums where certain people simply don’t believe what we’ve stated, calling it pure conjecture and hype. And to that, I can say, if you continue to believe that, you have been very sadly misinformed.

LISTEN TO ME… I have personally spent a lot of time with people like Glynn Loope, the Executive Director of the lobbyist group, Cigar Rights of America, as well as owners and top executives of many of the cigar manufacturers. I have learned first-hand about the intentions behind FDA cigar industry regulations and there isn’t a person who works in this business who takes this lightly, whatsoever. And, I can assure you that no one takes this more serious than the people at Famous.

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FDA Cigar Legislation: How The FDA Took My Stogies Away

fda cigar legislation

Tommy Zman tells you about pending FDA cigar legislation and what you can do to help!

Come on and sing it with me, cigar lovers…

The FDA took my stogies away, they took ‘em away, away from me

The FDA took my stogies away, they took ‘em away, away from me…

Ah, the Ramones classic with a new twist. Yeah, those crazy pranksters over at the Food and Drug Administration are causing quite a stir here in the land of premium tobacco goodness. With the threat of FDA cigar legislation hanging over our heads daily, I think it’s important to let you all know what could happen to premium cigars if we don’t protect our rights. Those cut ups are all lathered up about controlling the cigar industry, you know, regulating it the way the government does best. Or should I say OVER REGULATING the living hell out of EVERYTHING they get their mitts on!

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