Disc Golf: A New Take on an Old Favorite cacover

Disc Golf: A New Take on an Old Favorite

Frisbees, Wham-O's genericized trademark for flying discs, aren't just the realm of beach-goers and...
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Dress to Impress: Business Casual Done Right cacover

Dress to Impress: Business Casual Done Right

In professional offices all across America, bosses are recognizing the benefits of a more relaxed...
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The Party Is Everything the Game is Nothing: Five Tips for Tailgating Success

Reading Time: 3 minutes The key to a winning football season is in the preparation…for the tailgate, that is. It's just a bonus if the team is any good. Harry Hurt III is back at the grill, and cooking up a must-have list for any tailgate party worth its nachos. Utilizing the wisdom he gained from several respectable sources around the League, it's some tips and tricks to getting the basics down colder than the cooler of beer in your trunk. He'll even tip you to enjoying a good cigar for your pre-game ritual.

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Cigar Smoking Mobsters: They Died with their Cigars Lit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Contributor Barry Stein offers a brief look at some of The Mob’s most notorious crime bosses. Their lives didn’t end well, but at least they died holding their precious cigars. Opening with a line from Martin Scorsese’s crime drama masterpiece, Goodfellas, Stein, a native of Brooklyn, NY writes, “I knew of some of those characters firsthand, as well as members of other families who were not depicted in the movie. Actually, one of the cigar shops I was a partner in was visited by many people who shall remain nameless.”

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Ladies of the Leaf

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sure, it’s easy to assume that the cigar life is a “men only” pastime. But Delicia is here to clear the air: just like us, the ladies can truly appreciate the merits of a quality cigar – and most of the time, for the same reasons and benefits. Girls – there’s first-hand advice here on how to get the most out of your cigar hobby. Boys – there’s guidance for you, too; introduce your woman to this wonderful world of cigars, and maybe she’ll understand you just a little bit better. She even has some great pickup ideas. No battle of the sexes here – it’s solid wisdom for all, courtesy of the Cigar Vixen.

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Wicked Cool Shit – a Cigar Advisor Buying Guide (September 2013)

Reading Time: 6 minutes What happens when you take all the filters off your search engine, and just plug in “awesome”? You get an assortment of items like our Wicked Cool Shit

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Smokin’ Cinema

Reading Time: 2 minutes American movies have introduced us to some of our favorite heroes…well, at least some of our favorite fictional heroes. As a result, a number of actors have become synonymous with the larger-than-life characters they played on screen. Among them was John Wayne, and it’s hard to think of a Western without the image of “The Duke” popping up. Wayne personified the American cowboy-rugged, masculine, somewhat flawed, and someone who played by his own rules.

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Buying Your First Gun cacover

Buying Your First Gun

Purchasing your first fire arm can be a daunting task, there is a lot involved in in the process of being a gun owner, as it should be. Here is an first hand experience of a newbie gun owner.
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How to Choose the Right Watch For You cacover

How to Choose the Right Watch For You

I'm not much of a jewelry guy, but I still wear a watch. In fact, a watch is one of the few pieces...
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How to Hold a Newborn Baby cacover

How to Hold a Newborn Baby

There are only two types of people in the world; those with children and those without. Recently I...
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