The Art of the Game: Dominoes

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cigars and dominoes seem to have gone hand in hand for, well, ever. Which got us thinking – why?

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Future Weapons – Top Technologies in Development & Use by the US Warfighter

Reading Time: 11 minutes Science – or more appropriately, science fiction – has, for a long time, promised the development and implementation of all sorts of incredible weapon systems and technology. Star Trek has phasers, Marvel Comics has Iron Man; Nikola Tesla worked on a “death ray,” and even Reagan had the Strategic Defense Initiative. But all of the lasers, robots, sonic blasters and puke rays that were once figments of the imagination? They are actually coming into being. Let’s take a walk through the armory.

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5 Must-Read Books for Men cacover

5 Must-Read Books for Men

Here are five must-read books for men. Don’t think of this as an exhaustive list, but rather a good starting point for opening your mind
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Cigars in Politics

Reading Time: 5 minutes His mind was cluttered with a barrage of thoughts and a modicum of self doubt. He had nine months to figure things out about running for Congress.

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My Experience with a Cuban Cigar cacover

My Experience with a Cuban Cigar

Cuba is the Mecca of all tobacco and the birthplace of the modern cigar. Every cigar smoker dreams...
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Cigar Ink(ed)

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Ever wondered what goes though the mind of tattoo enthusiasts who have a portrayal of their favorite stogie inked? What if we could somehow reverse this, and ink a tattoo…ON THE STOGIE?

As it happens, Key West, FL is not only home to Hemingway’s cats and the Conch Republic, but also to a Cuban who brings us the fascinating art of the “inked cigar.”

Yes; I know; this blew my mind too.

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The MANual: Swear your way around the world

Reading Time: 7 minutes Face it – for as much as we, as Americans, like to travel – we're not the most well-regarded lot around the world.

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The Untouchables: Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac cacover

The Untouchables: Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac

With summer in full swing, much of the United States is now covered in a thick canopy of green....
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Wicked Cool Shit – a Cigar Advisor Buying Guide (August 2013)

Reading Time: 5 minutes What happens when you take all the filters off your search engine, and just plug in “awesome”? You get an assortment of items like our Wicked Cool Shit

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Egads! Rats Have Eaten the Rulebook

Reading Time: 2 minutes Beautiful in their simplicity, and functional art – have given a gut-punch to the shiny, establishment hot rod world. We slip behind the wheel of a few of these primer-and-rust monsters with photojournalist Scotty Gosson, to see just how our generation's wildass rebelliousness has taken shape in both the mind and on 4 wheels. Federally-mandated safety equipment be damned, we're burning rubber – and lucky for you, you didn't have to call “shotgun.”

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