One of the Finest Cigars I Ever Had cacover

One of the Finest Cigars I Ever Had

Lou talks about one of the finest cigars he ever smoked, and how the setting and circumstances of smoking affect the experience as much as the cigar itself.
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cigars and seasons

Cigars and Seasons

With the cold weather and restrictions on smoking cigars indoors, those of us who live in 4-seasons climates are forced to be seasonal cigar smokers.
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Cigars and Celebrations cacover

Cigars and Celebrations

Cigars and celebrating a variety of life milestones is a long-standing and well-known tradition. Gary talks about celebration cigars and why we smoke them.
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cigars wife

Cigars: Man vs. Wife

I love cigars. My wife hates them. If you're in the same boat, here are some tips to keeping her happy...ensuring some happiness of your own.
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Cigars and the Common Cold cacover

Cigars and the Common Cold

Know what sucks about winter? It's not the cold weather, shoveling, driving in the snow, growing a...
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Thank You for Another Great Cigar Advisor Year cacover

Thank You for Another Great Cigar Advisor Year

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thanks to all of the cigar reviewers and contributors: Robert “The Reverend Hurricane” Meyn, RobustoJoe, Tom Bullock, MM & JJ from Toasted Foot, Barry S…

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A Cigar is Born cacover

A Cigar is Born

Reading Time: 4 minutes The story of how a test cigar becomes a new brand.

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My Top 5 Cigar Shapes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Part of what attracts us to a particular cigar is the way it feels in the hand – the texture of the wrapper, the heft, and perhaps most importantly, the shape.

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A Cigar for Every Season cacover

A Cigar for Every Season

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Not sure about where you live, but the summer here was unbearably hot. Today I’m thankful for September, which has ushered in more reasonable temps and far less humidity. I was pondering Pennsylvania’s seasonality when, naturally, I got to thinking about beer and cigars.

Some of my favorite craft brews are seasonal, so when nightfall comes earlier and the air begins to smell sweet, I know it’s time to stock up on Porter, Stout, Märzen-stye Fest, Doppelbock, Amber, etc.

More often than not, the beer I’m drinking dictates what I smoke, making my cigar choice also seasonal. This means it’s time for fuller-bodied Maduro- and Corojo-wrapped cigars, and especially fuller-bodied Nicaraguans. Toros, Fancy figurados and Presidentes give way to Corona Gordas, Robustos, Rothschilds and Belicosos.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts: Do you smoke/buy certain cigars seasonally?

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15 Badasses who smoked cigars

15 Badasses Who Smoked Cigars

Reading Time: 8 minutes A smart badass knows that a carefully poised cigar in hand will make him look that much more calculating and menacing (in a very sophisticated way, of course).

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